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Live Event: Barbara Dieu (Bee) on Blogging


Guest speaker: Barbara Dieu (Bee) (Brazil)

Venue: Alado Webheads room

Date: Monday, Jan 29, 2007

Time: 21:00 GMT





Coordinators: Dafne Gonzalez (Venezuela) and Teresa Almeida d'Eça (Portugal)

Moderators: Cora Chen (USA), Hala Fawzi (Sudan), Moira Hunter (France)

Co-moderators: Nina Liakos (USA)

For Alado: Andrew Pincon (USA)



Barbara Chap(Germany), Amy Meckelborg (Canada), Ana Maria Menezes (Brazil), Angeles Berman (Mexico), Claudio Fleury (Brazil), Dennis Oliver (USA), Derya Kulavuz-Onal (Turkey), Graham Stanley (Spain), Jean Michel Chaupart (Colombia), Jennifer Verschoor (Argentina), Jose Antonio da Silva (Brazil), Laura Girr (USA), Liliana Ferreira (Portugal), Mabel Quiroga(Argentina), Marjan (??), Mary Hillis (Japan), Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine), Noemi Cavalaro (Argentina), Perry Christensen (USA), Rachel Heller (Holland), Sarah Braxton (USA), Sasha Sirk (Slovenia), Susan Wood (Estonia)



Listen to the recording here


Power Point Presentation:



















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Thank-u messages


Dear Bee,

On behalf of Dafne, Teresa, the BAW07 moderator team and the participants, I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation on blogs today. Your presentation introduces a lot of useful information and we have learned a lot from you.

We will certainly invite you as our guest speaker again in the future.

Our heartfelt thanks,


Dear Andy,

Thank you very much for all the efforts you have made to provide us with an effective venue for our workshops/presentat ions. Many thanks also for your being there with us today to facilitate the presentation and offer crucial technical assistance.

Many thanks again,




yours truly,



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