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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 3 months ago

Live Event: Graduation





Venue: Alado

Date: Sunday, Feb 25

Time: 13:00 GMT

Graduation page Recording Text chat


Coordinator: Teresa Almeida d'Eça (Portugal)

Moderators: Teresa Almeida d'Eça (Portugal) and Moira Hunter (France)


Participants: Aiden Yeh (Taiwan), Alice Barr (USA), Andy Pincon (USA), Angeles Berman (Mexico), Ana Rivas (Peru), Carla Raguseo (Argentina), Cora Chen (USA), Dennis "Denos" Newson (Germany), Dennis Oliver (USA), Derya (Turkey), Ester La Torre (Italy), Geoff Kaye (Australia), Hala Fawzi (Sudan), Horacio (Venezuela), Isabel Teixeira (Brazil), Jennifer Verschoor (Argentina), Johanna Stirling (England), Leanne Mackenzie (Canada), Mabel Quiroga (Argentina), Maru del Campo (Mexico), Monica Veado (Brazil), Nelba Quintana (Argentina), Nina Liakos (USA), Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine), Perry Christensen (Hawaii, USA), Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina), Ronaldo Lima (Brazil), Sara Braxton (USA), Sasha Sirk (Slovenia), Sharon Betts (USA), Susan Wood (Estonia), Susana Araujo (Portugal), Vance Stevens (UAE).



Click here for the recording

Text chat


VIP: Thank you for all the enthusiasm for the Graduation page and BaW 07. It was very pleasant to read all your comments "a posteriori".


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thanks


Johanna afk for a sec


SharonBetts Thank goodness there is no video today.


SusanW 'scuze me?


TeresaA thank you, dennis :-)


Maru Lost audio


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thanks


Johanna afk for a sec


Leanne better Vance


SharonBetts It is much better.


Isabel Brazil yes


HalaFawzi yes


Moira MUCH better


RitaZ great, V


SusanW yes better vance


Sarah Braxton yes


Ronaldo yes


Perry in Hawaii Yes


NinaAL Hi Perry!


Perry in Hawaii Hi Nina


NinaAL Ni to see you here also.


Cora Chen Hi Perry


Horacio Idarraga Gil I´m back


Perry in Hawaii Hi Cora


NinaAL How are you in Hawaii?


Nina Liakos OK, I just added myself but I don't suppose it will come up


SusanW HOracio?


angelesb yes


SharonBetts Very quiet


Isabel Brazil yes, Nelba


RitaZ yes, nelba


Sarah Braxton yes


Perry in Hawaii It's 3am


Horacio Idarraga Gil Yes,


Johanna Yes Nelba


TeresaA hi nina


SharonBetts There we go, Nina


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


SusanW hi Nina


angelesb yes


Denos Yes


Isabel Brazil yes, Nina


CarlaYR Yes, Nina


Johanna Yes Nina


Cora Chen yes, Nelba, Nina


VanceS nina coming in loud


Nina Liakos Yes, Nina, loud amd clear!


Sarah Braxton yes, Nina


Maru yes to both Ninas


Horacio Idarraga Gil Hi Nelba


jennifer verschoor very low


SharonBetts Too Quiet, Nelba.


NinaAL That's good.


Maru it is low Nelba


Moira We can hear you Nelba :-)))))


Sarah Braxton Low sound..


SusanW hi Nelba -- you are a little quiet but we can hear you


CarlaYR Hi Nelba! Me too!!!


Nina Liakos (There is a play called The Two Ninas" - has anyone heard of it?


Nina Liakos Can a moderator refresh the wiki page?


SusanW want some coffee Perry?


SharonBetts At least those of us that are before breakfast.


Maru I am sleepy perry


Nina Liakos Maybe my photo will come up!


Horacio Idarraga Gil I think one of the NINAS changed her name


NinaAL Not me of course.


Perry in Hawaii No, I'm going back to bed after this


HalaFawzi lol


Nina Liakos The other one is aka Nagora


SharonBetts lol


Moira Yes, absolutely - it's all a secret to me!!!!


NelbaQuintana Really, what time is in Hawai?


Sarah Braxton I can't wait to see the surprise...


NinaAL Nina Liakos is in full.


jennifer verschoor I love surprises


Moira me too :-))))


SharonBetts I'm excited - what a lead-in, Teresa.


VanceS scroll down ... I FOUND the frapper show


NelbaQuintana I don´t know what we have to do with the photo ??


HalaFawzi I love to look to our map.see how South America is covered with webheads?


NinaAL everyone loves surprises, ;-)


Maru What are we suppoused to be viewing


Moira Are we all sitting comfortably?


Ronaldo South America rocks!


Horacio Idarraga Gil Welcome, Hala


CarlaYR Yes, Hala we should meet f2f here!


Nina Liakos Hear hear for SA!


SusanW no, Moira -- we are on the edges of our seats


VanceS rest in seattle??


Moira Let's begin!!!


SusanW suspense




NinaAL What can you see on the screen in the left, please?


NelbaQuintana Yes, sitting comfortably and having mate.Does anybody want?


SharonBetts YESSSSS


HalaFawzi Horacio with an orange on your hand?


HalaFawzi YES


VanceS :gets a straw


CarlaYR Yes, Nelba


Maru Yes Nelba


SusanW yes, thanks Nelba


HalaFawzi Yes


TeresaA do you see it?


SharonBetts Got it.


CarlaYR Me too


TeresaA only login?


NelbaQuintana here you are


angelesb the password is...


Maru I see Teresadeca login


TeresaA zotavaz


TeresaA sorry about that


Horacio Idarraga Gil Teresa. I don´t have password.


Ronaldo what's the password? baw?


TeresaA ***


HalaFawzi ***


SusanW it doesn't work


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol, moira


CarlaYR I'm in!


Leanne It worked for me!


Isabel Brazil ok


Ronaldo I'm in too!


angelesb good for me


SusanW ahhhh! works now!


TeresaA yes


TeresaA because i am logged in


Ronaldo yes - ***


Johanna I'm there


TeresaA *** in the password


HalaFawzi where did you get that password


VanceS clever


Nina Liakos I am in but I am not sure if it's because I logged in or Tere did


Horacio Idarraga Gil I wrote baw and told me no


jennifer verschoor yes it work


HalaFawzi WOW What a cake


NinaAL should I put in my name?


TeresaA sorry about that. didn't occur to me


Cora Chen yes, I can see the page


Moira ***


Dennis-O Hi again, everyone.


Maru again please




Ana Rivas can you type the password, pls?


SharonBetts I am there in another browser window, but it won't let me in here?


Leanne Thank you Moira for the British "*"


Perry in Hawaii I'm in, yeah


Maru please repeat moira


Moira lol Leanne - I do my best - you can teach me everything in Seattle


Nina Liakos *** sorry


Maru please write it down


Isabel Brazil ok,I'm in


NelbaQuintana got it


Leanne it's a Canadian "*" too, Moira


Maru I ma not in


Ana Rivas Got it


NinaAL Is it our graduation,


Nina Liakos apologies accepted


TeresaA :-)


Isabel Brazil accepted


Horacio Idarraga Gil Don´t worry


Denos Accepted.... :-)


Maru I did not get the password, the voice breaks


Nina Liakos np!


NinaAL pbwiki?


Nina Liakos yes


Maru Can someone type it


Ana Rivas Don´t need to apologize


Isabel Brazil yes


TeresaA ***


Moira ***


Denos Yes


Ronaldo yes!


Sarah Braxton yes!


CarlaYR Please,don't apologize Teresa Thanks for the surprise!


RitaZ yes, Tere, its fab!


Ana Rivas I can see the graduation page


angelesb love the cake


TeresaA thank you!


Moira Welove surprises :-))))))


Dennis-O I can't log in.


SharonBetts Sorry, I got kicked out and had to reenter.


Maru I am in Thank you


Ronaldo I like the certificate of appreciation to Baw2007 wives!


Ana Rivas Lovely


HalaFawzi I love the husbands one


jennifer verschoor this is great


HalaFawzi #


NelbaQuintana beautiful certificates!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol


NinaAL smiles


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress i like that


CarlaYR I need one for my husband!


NelbaQuintana great for families' patience!




Moira boohoo boohoo boohoo boohoo


jennifer verschoor wow the first certificate for my 8 month baby!!


mquiroga Hi everyone


SharonBetts Nice cake and great certificate. Very nice pages.


Moira Hi Mabel


Johanna Hope you get one too teresa


Cora Chen Teresa, thank you so much for your hard work! The page looks wonderful!!!


angelesb Thank you Theresa


Maru Wonderful present Tere


Nina Liakos How could anyone feel left out in this warm, friendly group?


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lovely picture of you and Daf


angelesb excellent work and hard to do


Nina Liakos Thanks for thanks!


jennifer verschoor thanks for this great surprise


NinaAL My husband is happy.


SusanW Teresa, soorry I got booted off. Can you send the link to your wiki again?


Cora Chen Clap, clap, clap!


HalaFawzi Thank YOU Terinha


Ana Rivas Lovey!! You´ve taken into account even the smallest details. Thanks from the bottom of my heart


SharonBetts Thank you for inviting us to Webheads in Action.


Horacio Idarraga Gil If a man has two or more wives, do yo remember all of them?


Moira Hey, Ibrahim and me please :-))))))


angelesb do you have Horacio?


NelbaQuintana very funny Horacio.


SusanW Teresa? please can you send the link to the wiki again? all I can see is hte webhead page


Horacio Idarraga Gil Not me


SusanW :(


TeresaA http://teresadeca.pbwiki.com/Graduation


TeresaA ***


jennifer verschoor Tere I always teach this geese theory It´s great


Denos Mind? I am flattered.


SharonBetts It is really very nicely done.


HalaFawzi Maru is a star in baw 7


SusanW thanks Tere!


Dennis-O Finally I can see everything!


Maru Come on!


HalaFawzi Joah, thank you


jennifer verschoor I´ve never had so many surprises in one single place


NelbaQuintana I haven't either. Wonderful gift!


Dennis-O A wonderful cake! Parabens to Joao!


Moira Hi Monica


Monica Veado Hi Moira, hi everyone!


Ronaldo So, have we become webheads? =)


jennifer verschoor you motivated us


Maru So this is what a webhaeads graduation is! Great! clap, clap, clap, clap,


NinaAL Hi Monica!


angelesb huge gift


SusanW lovely Tere!!! Thank you!!!


Ana Rivas clap clap, clap, clap


Isabel Brazil thanks Teresa!:)


Leanne Thank you Teresa, what a debt we owe YOU!


Ronaldo thanks Teresa!


angelesb thanks again teresa


Dennis-O <>


jennifer verschoor will miss you all but know that this is the beginning


Horacio Idarraga Gil It is no good bye. It´s just so long


susiearaujo Hoorray! I'm here!


Cora Chen Thanks again, Teresa!


Leanne Thanks also to all the hard-working mods and co-mods


Cora Chen Thanks, Leanne!


susiearaujo I was putting my lipstick on for the party ;)


HalaFawzi lol


TeresaA lol moira


Horacio Idarraga Gil Susie. You do not need lipstick


SharonBetts Thank goodness there is no video today.


SusanW 'scuze me?


TeresaA thank you, dennis :-)


Maru Lost audio


Perry in Hawaii Way to go Dennis


Cora Chen Yes, Dennis, you're wonderful, too.


jennifer verschoor I´ve got my pyjamas


SusanW :)


Dennis-O You're entirely welcome, Teresa.


Leanne me too Jennifer


susiearaujo Horacio: I know I know,but I couldn't resist it! After all, party is party!


Moira Thank you!!!!!! It's been great with all of you :-))


TeresaA we love to have people from other areas, sharon. thanks for being here :-)


Cora Chen Thank, NinaAl


Dennis-O --and everyone!


TeresaA thanks, nina. and do stay with us :-)


SharonBetts I feel like I know people personally from all corners of teh world.


HalaFawzi Thank you Nina


Dennis-O Thanks for your kind words, Nina!


SharonBetts Yes


Ana Rivas yes


Ronaldo yes


Monica Veado yes


jennifer verschoor yes


Moira Thank you Nina in Ukraine - hugs


Maru yes


TeresaA absolutely, sharon!


NelbaQuintana no, louder Sarah please


Dennis-O Yes, Sarah.


Moira Yes Sarah


Horacio Idarraga Gil yes


NinaAL I definitely will.


TeresaA glad you were with us, sarah :-)


Dennis-O Everyone learns!


SharonBetts Very true, Sarah - everyone has been ideal models.


TeresaA it's great to hear your comment, sarah


SusanW Wonderful to have you here, Sarah!


Cora Chen Thanks, Sarah!


NinaAL You are right, Sarah.


Dennis-O Thanks, Sharon.


Isabel Brazil that't true Sarah


Maru You are so right SaraH


Cora Chen Thanks, Sharon!


TeresaA do stay with us, sarah


SusanW g'day, geoff!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thanks, Sarah, that was lovely of you


TeresaA hi, geoff. thank for being here! :-)


SharonBetts How many continents do we cover?


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress that's true, geoff


Dennis-O Thanks for being here, Geoff.


TeresaA thank you, i meant, geoff


SusanW YES


susiearaujo My husband is asking you: Please return my wife! lol lol


SharonBetts YES - HEAR HEAR!


Cora Chen Yes


TeresaA thank you! :-)


HalaFawzi YES!


Moira Thanks Geoff


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol, Susie


SusanW clap clap clap


TeresaA :-)


Cora Chen Thanks Geoff!


Dennis-O Hear, hear, Geoff! The coordinators and moderators DEFINITELY need a special certificate!


mquiroga clap,clap,clap


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thanks Geoff


Isabel Brazil well said Geoff


Moira clap clap clap clap and I loved our conversations Geoff :-))))


Dennis-O <>


susiearaujo You definitely made a change in my life. I love you all! ;)


NinaAL Thanks a lot Jeoff


TeresaA thank you, ronaldo!


SusanW glad you stayed in Ronaldo!


SharonBetts I can see that BAWers never give up.


TeresaA glad you didn't give up


Cora Chen Thanks, Ronaldo


Dennis-O We all agree with you, Ronaldo!


HalaFawzi We love you tooSusie


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thanks Ronaldo :-)


NinaAL Stay happy Ronaldo!


susiearaujo Glad to hear you Ronaldo ;)


Cora Chen Thanks, Nelba!


SharonBetts Yes, the poem really does it.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress thank you for your friendship as well, Nelba




susiearaujo Hoorray Teresa!


Dennis-O Nice proverb!


Ronaldo Thanks you, baw07 made me strong!


Ronaldo Thank you


HalaFawzi esp. male webheads, right Dennis?


mquiroga lol Hala


Ronaldo Yes I'll join in webheads in action right now!


Dennis-O Hala: As Dafne would say, "he he he."


NinaAL Hi Carla!


TeresaA i love the proverb, dennisO


Cora Chen Thanks, Carla!


SharonBetts I will also join and look forward to further discussions.


NelbaQuintana I think we should have a photo all together... like the photo graduates take at the end of the party.


NelbaQuintana It would be great


Dennis-O I want to get a copy of the text, Teresa.


HalaFawzi he he he


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress don't worry about it, Carla


Leanne Teresa, is there a limit on the number of participants here?


TeresaA the human touch!!!


SharonBetts great Carla - hasn't it been fun?


Dennis-O Collaboration and people: YES!


Leanne Nina Liakos is "locked out"


SharonBetts I see we are up to 30!


NinaAL Yes, it was a great experience.


Dennis-O "Changed my professional life forever": YES!


Isabel Brazil Hi Jennifer


NelbaQuintana Hi, Argentina! Jen


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress ;-)


TeresaA BaW is high tech with the human touch! :-)


Dennis-O It's nice to hear your voice, Jennifer.


Cora Chen Thanks, Jennifer!


NelbaQuintana great dress , Teresa!


SharonBetts Could 30 be the limit?


NinaAL Nice to hear Jennifer!


Dennis-O "I learned what it means to be a great online teacher": YES!


TeresaA maybe, sharon


Leanne Teresa, anyone, can we help Nina back in?


CarlaYR Right, Jennifer!


HalaFawzi Right!


NinaAL It's definitely the beginning.


susiearaujo Yes, the beginning definitely ;)


Cora Chen Jennifer, good job!




NinaAL at least for me.


Dennis-O Yes, definitely.


TeresaA there's probably a limit to participants


NinaAL Hi Denos


Maru Yes Moira, you can intervene


Dennis-O It's good to hear you live, Dennis-Denos.


Cora Chen Thanks so much, Denos!


NelbaQuintana Where have you got your technie dress, Teresa?


HalaFawzi Dennis our Denos!


TeresaA which techie dress, nelba? what do you mean?


Ronaldo I agree, Dennis


NinaAL Daf and Teresa, you look wonderful on the picture drinking


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress ***blushes****


TeresaA thank you, dennisN


HalaFawzi Like Aiden's, Tere


SharonBetts Thank you.


Dennis-O Yes, Aiden, your presentation was wonderful: the embodiment of what Webheads try to be.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress **whew***gotta get that glass of wine


SusanW nicely said, Dennis


susiearaujo Hug D. Denos :)


TeresaA thanks, nina. we were having a lovely time


NelbaQuintana sorry I´m reading so many messages. I made a mistake :((


Isabel Brazil I love your accent Denis!


Cora Chen I agree, Aiden has done a great job!


Dennis-O Yes, very nicely said indeed, Dennis-Denos.


NelbaQuintana yes, great accent


TeresaA i can't either :-(


SusanW could we switch to YM or another venue?


SharonBetts Should a few of us drop out?


Sarah Braxton I can go out and make room for someone else


SusanW or perhaps we could all sign out and you can change the configurations?


HalaFawzi no oice


Maru no sound


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lost your voice Moira


Sarah Braxton Please record the whole thing!


susiearaujo no sound :(


NinaAL no voice, what's up!


Ana Rivas can´t hear you


CarlaYR I can't hear anything


TeresaA we are recording


Cora Chen Dennis-denos, great speech!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


mquiroga Yes,


CarlaYR Yes


jennifer verschoor yes


angelesb yes


Dennis-O I hear you now.


TeresaA the end


SharonBetts near themiddle


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress end


Ronaldo the end


Horacio Idarraga Gil Nobody has said something about the photo. I think it´s the photo of 2 good (old) and happy friends.


susiearaujo the end


mquiroga form the middle


Dennis-O We lost your voice in the middle.


SusanW from the part where you said that you couldn't change things


Ana Rivas towards the end


jennifer verschoor ok I already spoke and once again thank all of you.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes, a lesson for us, we could have asked Andy


jennifer verschoor Will miss you great team


TeresaA yes i do


jennifer verschoor cu in Tapped in


SharonBetts OK, I have joined Webheads in Action - and will try to get to TappedIn on Sundays if possible. Thank you everyone - enjoy.


Cora Chen I can leave soon, because I need to go back to sleep!


NelbaQuintana Shall we to to Webheads?


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Bye Sharon Betts, see you online


Maru leaving?


jennifer verschoor bye great team


CarlaYR So, some of us can leave now.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress hello Ana


Ronaldo Hi Ana


Cora Chen Once again, Thanks everyone, bye! See you around!


Denos I am leaving - to make space, and because it fits in with life 1


NinaAL hi Ana!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress that's good news, Ana R.


Leanne I will just write a congratulations to all new WebHeads, and welcome to the fold.


TeresaA thanks, denos


TeresaA thank you, ana


NinaAL bye Denos, it was nice listen to you.


RitaZ I'll also make room for other people to join in, so that they can also get a feel of this special get-together, bye all, thank you all!


Leanne Also Congratulations to all who persevered with 6 weeks!


Monica Veado Well, everybody, thank you for the wonderful experience and the wonderful friendships I've made! And thanks to the moderators and coordinators for all their support and to all of you for the true spirit of collaboration!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress True- it's free- and good, isn't it?


TeresaA wow! that's great to hear, johanna


Moira oh thanks Johanna


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Hello Maru ***hugs****


Ronaldo it's nearly too good to be free =)


Dennis-O It was good to hear you, Johanna! We all agree, I'm sure.


NinaAL Hi Maru.


Dennis-O It's good to hear you, too, Maru!


susiearaujo can I join Webheads in Action too?


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress hello Susan


Dennis-O Hi, Susan.


NelbaQuintana have you joined Webheads yet?


Dennis-O "It's truly been a life-changing experience": YES!


NinaAL Hi Susan, you are right, thanks


TeresaA thanks, maru. "we" are, not "you" are, a great comunity!


Moira Hi Ester


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Hello Mabel


susiearaujo No, Nelba, I haven't


NelbaQuintana HI, Mabel!


TeresaA hi, mabel


Ronaldo Hi Mabel


Dennis-O It's good to hear you, Mabel.


Perry in Hawaii I'll have to type my thanks, because I don't want to wake my wife, who is sleeping. But I agree with what everyone is saying. Thank you very much.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress ;-) Mabel


NinaAL Hi Mabel


ester hi moira, i'm at a friend's home


VanceS there are a few south americans at edunation in second life right now


Dennis-O "A top-quality learning experience": YES!


TeresaA thank you, perry! :-)


NelbaQuintana Sorry, but where does the party continue?


Moira We have Susan!!!


CarlaYR Goodbye and thanks again everybody!!!


Moira Hi Sasha


TeresaA very nice gifts, susan. thank you all!


Dennis-O It was good to be with you here, Perry. Aloha!


Moira Bye Carla


TeresaA welcome sasha


Nina Liakos yes


Dennis-O Yes.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


Moira Yes Monica


Sasha Hi all


Maru yes


Horacio Idarraga Gil yes


SusanW loud and clear


Ronaldo yes


derya yes


Ana Rivas yes


TeresaA hi monica


NelbaQuintana great sound!


Sasha I'm late... sorry


NinaAL Hi Monica


Perry in Hawaii Good night and thanks!


susiearaujo Dear friends, it was so nice to be here with you all! I must leave now!


TeresaA good, monica


TeresaA bye, susie!


Dennis-O It's good to hear the "Chief Cat Herder"!


NinaAL bye susie


Dennis-O Ate logo, Susie!


VanceS hi dennis


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress welcome back Nina


susiearaujo I'll never forget this great experience with you! Big hug!


Dennis-O Hi again, Nina!


Leanne Welcome back, Nina


Sasha Hi NIna


SusanW well, I'll be on my way now to let some others in -- thank you all! (Moira -- pingvinn is getting very cold -- please stop tickling him off of his iceberg!)


Dennis-O Hiya, Vance!


susiearaujo Bye-bye


TeresaA thanks, susie


Leanne no problem!


NinaAL Hi Nina, nice to hear you.


Monica Veado Hi NinaAL, I loved working with all of you creating the blogs!


Moira LOL Susan


TeresaA thanks, susan


SusanW :) see you all soon!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress **hugs Nina****


NinaAL you too, Monica.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol


Moira onto worldbridges in about 15 minutes


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress we'll be here, Nina


Leanne what is at Worldbridges, Moirra?


TeresaA moira, WB is in 1.15 hrs


NinaAL Moira, is it possible to join the worldbridges?


Leanne oh yes, the EVO wrap up


TeresaA hala, we haven't really heard you


Moira true - Teresa - looking at French time :-)


NinaAL thank you, Nina


TeresaA thanks, nina


Dennis-O It certainly has been great, Nina!


ester Can I follow U at WB?


Monica Veado thanks Nina


NinaAL for your assisrance at any time


Rachela I missed so much of the course (work "in real-time") just got ahead of me! I think I'd like to take it again next year.


TeresaA french or portuguese time, the difference is the same ;-)


Nina Liakos Rachela, you can take this many times and always get overwhelmed


Nina Liakos there's always so much to learn


Johanna Hear,hear


Dennis-O Hear, hear!


Monica Veado hear hear!


Rachela You're probably right. But I figure since I was able to learn so much in the first two weeks, maybe next year I'll manage the 3rd and 4th week!


Dennis-O To all the guest speakers!


TeresaA i second that "thank you" for guest speakers, moira


HalaFawzi hear hear


Leanne Maru, I loved your analogy on the Grad page, I hadn't seen it before


Nina Liakos Good attitutde


Dennis-O <>


Nina Liakos Yes, I loved that analogy too


Rachela : applause


Nina Liakos hear hear for the guest speakers


Monica Veado clap clap clap clap clap clap!


TeresaA applause for guest speakers!!!


Johanna Clap, clap,clap


derya A big thank to all the guest speakers, yes!


Ronaldo clap clap clap for guest speakers


Dennis-O <>


HalaFawzi clap clap


Leanne :claps for guest speakers


NinaAL clap clap


mquiroga I think Geoff has left to make room for other Baw, but


Ana Rivas clap, clap, clap for guest speakers too


NelbaQuintana clap, clap... bravo!


mquiroga anyhow clap, clap, clap


ester Thanks to you too Moira


NinaAL thank you Moira, very much!


Horacio Idarraga Gil clap, clap, clap for everybody


NelbaQuintana bravo 4 Moira, a great moderator!


Nina Liakos How about the moderators, who are also not paid? Tere, Daf, Moira, Cora...


Nina Liakos (Whom did I forget??)


Ronaldo Moira rocks!


Dennis-O Hear, hear, Horacio!


NelbaQuintana with great glasses! ;)


HalaFawzi me


Nina Liakos Hala!


TeresaA brain works and emotions play: i like that, maru


Monica Veado yes nina, a big clap clap clap clap clap to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nina Liakos Forgive me


Dennis-O Let's hear it for the moderators!


Dennis-O <>


Nina Liakos We missed her!


Leanne last year, was it? we had a right-brain/left-brain quiz...where is it?


NinaAL We are looking forward to hear Daf again.


HalaFawzi Dafne we miss you !


Leanne yes, we missed her


Leanne hope to see her in Seattle too


Dennis-O Yes, we've definitely missed her!


NinaAL we miss Daf very much!


Moira yes :-)))


Dennis-O {{{{HUG}}}} for Dafne!


NinaAL {{{{{Dafne}}}}}


Johanna Thank you very much Daf


NelbaQuintana very good, Teresa!


HalaFawzi Thank you Tere


NinaAL {{{{TERESA}}}}}


Nina Liakos Please intervene, Moira


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol


Dennis-O {{{{HUG}}}} for Teresa!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress true


Ana Rivas {{{{HUG}}}}


Johanna Is she mad?!?!


HalaFawzi lol


TeresaA thank you all for your warmth and hugs! :-)


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol


NelbaQuintana she is really hardworking


Nina Liakos Don't forget she has her own teaching and planning to do


NinaAL agree with you, Moira


NelbaQuintana workaholic


Nina Liakos She must not sleep much


NinaAL You are absolutely right.


Dennis-O She's definitely not mad, but I think she never sleeps!


NelbaQuintana lol


Nina Liakos clap clap clap for Daf!


Rachela clap clap clap!


Ronaldo claps for Daf


NelbaQuintana clap,clap


Dennis-O <>


Leanne I will!


Nina Liakos I will be in Seattle


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress that's quite true about Daf


Dennis-O I won't, unfortunately.


Monica Veado not me, unfortuantely...


Moira Me :-))


NinaAL sorry, not.


VanceS me me me


NelbaQuintana not me, :(((


Rachela Not me.


Ronaldo I won't... =(


Sasha I won't


Maru I will not go, I did not know about it and do not have the resources to make the trip this year


NelbaQuintana I hope some day


NinaAL Vance as usual.


Nina Liakos I will also be at the Red Lion Tere


Johanna If somebody sends me a plane ticket...


TeresaA great, nina


NelbaQuintana I want one tooo


NinaAL Vance I met you three time at TESOL


NelbaQuintana ticket I mean


Ana Rivas Can´t make it


Maru Congratulations to all that are going!


HalaFawzi Geat idea!


mquiroga unfortunately not this year, maybe next one


Ronaldo YES!


Monica Veado yes, that would be fantastic!


Maru Good idea


NelbaQuintana yes, they deserve it... like Ibrahim. greaty webhead


Leanne I wonder if the restaurant we're thinking about having a group dinner, if it's wireless


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress we did that two years ago


HalaFawzi Ibrahim will be there


Horacio Idarraga Gil I´ll be there....(online)


AndrewP you can use Alado.net or you skypecast


NinaAL only online


Moira Yes I'm meeting dear Ibrahim in Seattle


HalaFawzi low


Ronaldo too low


Moira Vance you are n SL?


Ana Rivas the sound isn´t clear


Nina Liakos can you turn your mic up Vance


mquiroga too low and some typing


TeresaA bad sound, again, vance


Moira I can hear the familiar sounds ;-)


Dennis-O It's hard to hear you, Vance.


NinaAL I can't hear Vance


Ana Rivas not


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress i can hear you Vance


VanceS sorry hmm


Johanna Vance, are you at teh bottom of teh ocean?


Moira Vance - no good - you're in SL and we can hear it


TeresaA bad


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress but there's a lot of noise


NinaAL are you at airport, Vance?


TeresaA bad sound vance


Rachela I can only hear you very vaguely. Your typing noise comes in very clearly.


Dennis-O I can hear the typing very well, but not your voice, Vance.


TeresaA lol nina


VanceS I'll go out and come back in


NelbaQuintana very bad sound, Vance.


VanceS brb


Monica Veado yes, Johanna, its sounds like his driving a convertible car or something! :)


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress and tapping of his keyboard


AndrewP ola Tere


NelbaQuintana Where are we going now? Tapped In?


Ana Rivas lol


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Hello Andy **hugs*** it's been a long time


AndrewP just got up and we are in the midst of a snow storm


Nina Liakos lol


AndrewP hi Aiden


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress as usual, he's multi-tasking


TeresaA i'm going to rest for a while and then WBrigdges, nelba


Moira yes AIden ;-))


Nina Liakos multitasking again


NelbaQuintana are we all going?


Dennis-O Always multi-tasking!


Maru I need to develop my multitasking skills


Johanna Not yet nelba


NelbaQuintana Sorry, can you give me the URL of Wbridges? please


Dennis-O Merhaba, Derya!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress i won't be able to go to World Bridges, that would be midnight for me, and I have a class tomorrow


Nina Liakos Derya rules!


TeresaA a comment for posterity, right, moira?


Johanna Hurray for Derya


Nina Liakos Doing the threads for any week is not so easy, Moira


Dennis-O Yes, hurray!


TeresaA thank you for the threads, derya :-)


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Derya- so it was you- who updated the blog- Motime? impressive work!


Monica Veado bravo, Derya!


HalaFawzi clap for Derya


derya just a sec Moira


derya I'm feeding the baby:(


Dennis-O <>


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress lol


NelbaQuintana yes, great threads.. clapping for the threaders (?)


derya you pronounce it well


NinaAL Greetings to Derya.


AndrewP yes


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress let us hear the baby


NinaAL yes


Sasha I'll have to leave you now, my dear friends... hope to see you at worldbridges


Moira hi :-)))))))


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress hi there- Derya


Nina Liakos Hi Derya!


Maru Hi Derya


Dennis-O Merhaba, Derya! It's wonderful to hear you!


NinaAL bye Sasha.


NinaAL cu soon


Monica Veado hello Derya!


Moira see you later Sasha and thanks for the wonderful Week 5 threads :-)))


mquiroga How's that for multitasking? Bravo Derya!!!


Dennis-O Take care, Sasha!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress that's good to know, Derya


Nina Liakos nice?


HalaFawzi bye Sasha


Moira Only we women can do that, heh Mabel ;-))


NinaAL stay happy, Sasha!


Moira Congrats Derya


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress right, mabel- that's a different kind of multi-tasking


mquiroga only women!


NinaAL we are happy to be with you, Derya.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress right, Moira :-)


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress hi hala


Moira yes


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


Nina Liakos yes Hala


Monica Veado yes


TeresaA loud


derya YES


Ana Rivas yes


Dennis-O Salaam, Hala!


mquiroga yes, Hala


Rachela yes


NinaAL Hi Hala!


Dennis-O Yes!


AndrewP yes, Hala


Johanna yes hala


TeresaA better now, hala


NinaAL Nice to hear you.


Maru yes


Moira Hi Alice :-))


NinaAL Thank you for the great job you've done!!!


TeresaA great, hala! :-)


alicebarr Hi sorry to be so late


Nina Liakos Hi Alice, I was late last year


Nina Liakos Were you locked out?


Moira np - we continue in worldbridges at 15.00 GMT


Dennis-O "It's a spirit that you want to stay with you": YES!


NinaAL Thanks, Hala again


Horacio Idarraga Gil bye, hala


Ana Rivas Thanks & see you too


ester 10Q Hala and all moder. co-moder. organizers and, hopefully, C U at the next Webhead


derya we'll definitely be here next year again Hala!


Dennis-O Shukran, Hala!


alicebarr No just had some other stuff gooing on


Nina Liakos Don't forget Sunday chats at Tapped In!


Dennis-O <>


NelbaQuintana count with me I?ll be here again!


mquiroga I'll see you in a few minutes. Loved meeting you here!


Johanna Those of you meeting in Seattle are lucky. Is anyone going to IATEFL in Aberdeen Scotland in March?


Maru clap, clap


NelbaQuintana what time at Tapped IN?


derya Nina, Sunday chats?


NinaAL Thanks Teresa!


Nina Liakos 12 GMT


derya whats that?


HalaFawzi http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/


Dennis-O Thanks, Teresa.


HalaFawzi Vance will be busy for some more days!!!!


Moira Johanna - haven't been to Aberdeen for a while but as I'm going to the States, won't make it in Scotland :-(


Nina Liakos for about 2 hours


Nina Liakos or whenever you can drop in


alicebarr Well deserved rest!


Johanna That's a shame Moira -it would have been lovely to meet


HalaFawzi clock?


Monica Veado busy Teresa!!! :)


Dennis-O Busy, busy, busy, Teresa!


Nina Liakos When do you have time to teach Tere?


HalaFawzi You deserve it Tere


Dennis-O And when do you have time to sleep?


Moira Definitely Johanna - we're not far so we'll have to find another opportunity - definitely :-)))


Nina Liakos :-(


Leanne I'm leaving now, but will see you in WorldBridges in an hour...Thanks for a fun Grad and I'll enjoy the Grad page for weeks to come!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress bye Leanne


Moira bisous leanne


Nina Liakos Everyone has only 24 hours


NinaAL bye Leanne


Leanne Also - all the postings etc. that I missed while lurking


NinaAL see you again soon


Nina Liakos Sometimes it's just not enough


Nina Liakos Going back to bed, Leanne?


Johanna Take good care of yourself Teresa


VanceS I changed computers


Leanne no. I'll sew for a bit I think...


HalaFawzi Take care


HalaFawzi all of you


Dennis-O Yes, take care of yourself, Teresa!


Nina Liakos See you soon, Leanne


TeresaA thank you all. will do!


Monica Veado thanks Andrew!


Leanne you bet, Nina


Dennis-O It's good to hear you, Andrew.


Nina Liakos Take care, Tere


Maru Thanks Andrew


NinaAL Thank you Andrew for given us the opportunity to communicate in here.


Dennis-O Thanks for the wonderful services you provide.


derya TO ALL, How old is BaW, by the way?


TeresaA yes. i'll be part of that with daf and will be talking about baw


AndrewP http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/TESOL/2007/IF_Classics/webcast_schedule07.htm


Johanna yes, thank you - it's a great tool


Nina Liakos Thanks, Andrew. This year I have become much more comfortbale here at Alado


Leanne Thanks Andy - will you be there as well?


Nina Liakos It's a great place!


Dennis-O There are usually live webcasts from the convention.


NelbaQuintana Bye, everybody. Thank you for everything, We have been a great team... CU at Webheads and Tapped In. All my love from Argentina :X


Moira ah Horacio :-)))


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress this will be for the Electronic Village, Andy, Seattle


NinaAL Hi Horacio!


TeresaA andy, could you push it out?


Monica Veado hello Horacio, nice to hear you!


AndrewP no I am tied up on a projects in Wisconsin and Illinois


Dennis-O It's good to hear you, Horacio!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress Hi Horacio


Leanne too bad, Andy :-(


Nina Liakos The learning goes on!


NinaAL bye


Rachela Bye!


Dennis-O Ohala que si, Horacio!


HalaFawzi bye!


Leanne good to hear you, Horacio


Dennis-O Ojala. . .


Johanna Nice to hear you Horacio - send me a virtual orange!


Horacio Idarraga Gil Johanna. I am changing oranges to sugar. Do you accept?


TeresaA good


Moira yes


Nina Liakos yes!


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


Ana Rivas yes


Leanne great Vance


Dennis-O Several EVO sessions were webcast live last year. I hope some of them will be this year, too.


HalaFawzi Instructions for Participation <../../2006/IF_Classics/webcast_instructions.htm>yes


Monica Veado yes


Ronaldo yes


Dennis-O Yes. It's good now, Vance.


Rachela It's still quite soft, but I can hear you.


Leanne hehehe Vance


Moira yes oh yes :-)


AndrewP If you know what times you and Daf will be presenting, can you list the times and virtual venues on one of our calendars


TeresaA will try to, andy


TeresaA it'll be mar 22, 10:30 to 11:30 local seattle time


Moira clap clap clap Vance


Monica Veado will the sessions be available somewhere later, for those who can't make it to the webcast?


Johanna Horacio, OK, but it was a sweet Venezuelan orange that I really wanted


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress when are you arriving?


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yes


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress in 2004


Horacio Idarraga Gil Johanna. Where are you from?


Nina Liakos I can't wait to meet so many webheads f2f


Nina Liakos It's going to be amazing




Nina Liakos I feel so lucky


Rachela Can someone give me the address of worldbridges? I can't seem to find it?


Moira Johanna is in the UK


Nina Liakos .net or .com


Nina Liakos .net I think


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress ok


Nina Liakos there are 2 worldbridges


alicebarr worldbridges.net


AndrewP I'll put that time and date up on the webheads alado.net calendar now


Nina Liakos thanks Alice


NelbaQuintana I don´t want to be heavy... but does anyone have worldbridges URL at hand to pass it to me?


Rachela The one where the chat is at 3:00 GMT


alicebarr worldbridges.net


NelbaQuintana thanks , Alice :)


Horacio Idarraga Gil Rachela. You can go to google and ask for worldbridges


Rachela Thanks.


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress yeah, we don't have a calendar for the EV sessions yet


TeresaA wed


TeresaA mar21


ester I can't


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress but if we will be webcasting Tere's Becoming a Webhead session, then the participants can also join us online


Dennis-O Take care, Ronaldo!


TeresaA right, aiden. and the participants' feedback is very important


Ana Rivas bye


Monica Veado bye Ronaldo!


HalaFawzi bye


NinaAL bye Ronaldo


TeresaA bye, ronaldo! :-)


Rachela bye


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress right,


Johanna I'm off now for some real cake (virtual is good but always leaves me wanting real). See you in EVO session. BYe, love to all


TeresaA bye, johanna


Monica Veado Well, guys, I have to go too... See you in a while in Worldbridges! Thanks!!!


alicebarr Thank you for everything!


NinaAL bye Johanna


Dennis-O Thanks, everyone, for six weeks of wonderful collaborative learning!


Nina Liakos Hello to all from Maite who was unable to be here today


Rachela Thank you!


NinaAL Thanks a million, teresa again


Nina Liakos Thank you!


Maru Bye everybody, thanks again, I will go and enjoy the graduation gifts


Dennis-O <>


Aiden in Chipao-Chinese dress clap, clap, clap, clap


Rachela You are amazing: being able to be so active on-line and still manage work at the same time!


Leanne Bye Maru - keep in touch


Ana Rivas @--------;--- a cyber rose for each of one. Besitos para todos!!!


Maru clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap


Monica Veado Bye Maru, bye everyone, see you later at worldbridges.


HalaFawzi bye everyone


Horacio Idarraga Gil Thank you, Tere and all the participants. I hope to see you again


NinaAL Thank you


NinaAL Thank you Moira!!





Teresa on behalf on the BaW 07 team!

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