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Live Event: Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier presenting on Webcasting


Guest Speakers: Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier

Venues: Webheads in Action chat room and Skype

Date: Sunday, Jan 28, 2007

Time: 15:00 GMT







Coordinators: Dafne Gonzalez (Venezuela) and Teresa Almeida d'Eça (Portugal)

Moderators: Cristina Costa (UK), Hala Fawzi (Sudan), Moira Hunter (France)

Co-moderators: Nina Liakos (USA), Ramona Dietrich (Portugal)


Participants: Rachel Heller (Holland), Perry Christensen (USA), Sharon Betts (USA), Rubena St. Louis (UK), Susan Wood (Canada), Susie Araujo (Portugal), Amy Meckelborg (Canada), Andy Pincon (USA), Berta Leiva (Canada), Angeles Berman Boeta (Mexico), Claudio Fleury (Brazil), Aiden Yeh (Taiwan), Carla Raguseo (Argentina), Alice Barr (USA), Dennis Oliver (USA), Erika Crunivel (Argentina), Lisa Durff (??), Evelyn Izquierdo (Venezuela), Hesssah Alrouli (Saudi Arabia), Horacio Indarraga Gil (Venezuela), Ingrid (??), Janet (??), Jennifer Verschoor (Argentina), Johanna Stirling (England), Jose Antonio da Silva (Brazil), Kiri (??), Mary Pinto (Venezuela), Marcia Martins (Brazil), Mabel Quiroga (Argentina), Monica Veado (Brazil), Nahir Aparicio (Venezuela), Nick Noakes (China), Niels Damgaard (Norway), Marcela (??), Susan Canelo (Argentina), Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine), Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina), Paula Emmert (USA), Graham Stanley (Spain)





Listen to the webcast



Here's the chatlog






This is Jeff´s desktop :-)








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