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"Le Penseur" by Auguste Rodin



Remember what your profile was 6 weeks ago? Remember what your goals were?


Well, the time has come to reflect on this 6-week workshop, so the Baw 2007 team invite you to leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments about this collaborative journey. It's always nice to know what our participants think and your reflections will also help us improve Baw 2008. Thank you! :-)



VIP: Please write between the horizontal lines which, in .html code, correspond to the "hr" that you will see when you are in "edit mode". (See the example below.) And do leave your name and a photo, because it's so much nicer to relate a name to a face.


Tell us:


*What you liked and didn't like

*What you learned

*What you would have liked to learn

*What your next steps will be

*If your goals were met

*Any other comment you would like to share with us




This is me, Snoopy, during one of the many endless hours at the computer during these 6 past weeks. There were times I felt very frustrated, because I couldn't get something going, but I always had this fabulous BaW07 community to rely on and lend a helping hand. That's called collaborative and constructive learning. Well, I won't ramble on, because I'd love to hear about you all first...


















Teresa on behalf of the BaW07 team!!!

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