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Chatlog 1 - Week 1


Tapped In


21 January 2007


Here's the chatlog for today's informal chat at Tapped In during the regular Webheads Sunday get-together! Enjoy!


2007.01.21 03:59:11 Login


Room: TI_Reception


TeresaD joined the room.


TeresaD: hello, everyone!


DennisOl: Monika: Yes and no. Much closer than Germany is (yes), but about a four-hour drive within Arizona (no).


DavidWe waves to Teresa


DavidWe: Hi, Teresa. Welcome


MonikaP: Hello. Theresa!


DavidWe: Bom Dia


TeresaD hugs dennis and david


MonikaP: Oh, sorry, Teresa!


DavidWe hugs Teresa


DennisOl: Scones with jalapeños—now that's a thought!


TeresaD: long time no see, david :-)


SusanRy: I have to ask about all these hugs


DennisOl hugs Teresa back


DennisOl: Beijinhos e abraços, Teresa!


DavidWe: Bagels with jalapeños in Santa Fe - I like those - actually green chiles


TeresaD: we're all very huggable people, monika


DavidWe: Well, if you know someone well, they get hugged


DavidWe smiles


DennisOl: Then how about scones with nopalitos?


SusanRy: I see


TeresaD: and we all love to hug one another


DavidWe: Tere, now that David Beckham is coming to the States - I won't be getting as much playing time on the soccer field


DennisOl: Definitely, Teresa!


DavidWe: He is a good bit younger than me


MonikaP: I feel really hungry - in Germany it is almost lunchtime - I would love to get a bagel.


DavidWe: Sounds interesting, Dennis, the scones with nopalitos


SusanWood: When do we graduate from being "newbies" and receive hugs? (I'd rather have a hug than a diploma)


TeresaD: poor you, david. we have to do sth about it ;-)


JohannaS hugs susan


DavidWe: Graduations should involve hugs from friends and family, Susan. Didn't get any?


SusanRy: thanks Johanna!


SusanWood smiles happily and hugs JohannaS back


TeresaD: susan, you can start hugging at once :-)


DavidWe: Us Americans are paying him a BIG sum of money to go to Los Angeles


DennisOl: Nopalitos come from the prickly pear cactus.


SusanRy: Thanks Teresa!


JohannaS: Hey, Susan we're hugger too now!!


SusanWood hugs all around


DavidWe agrees about the nopalitos


DavidWe: Just don't hug the nopalitos - prickly


MonikaP: brb


TeresaD: consider yourself graduated in hugs, susan :-)


DavidWe nods


TeresaD hugs susan back


MonikaP left the room.


JohannaS hugs everyone


DavidWe: Well, I think the training program is almost complete


SusanRy: Now that I have my hugs I need to get coffee but I'll be back


DavidWe: Good idea


StevenP joined the room.


DennisOl: Hi, Steven.


DavidWe may go out to get some coffee, actually - and pick up some real bagels


DavidWe: Hi, Steven. WElcome


TeresaD: hi steven


StevenP: Hello


MonikaP joined the room.


DavidWe: Let us know if you have questions


DennisOl: Welcome back, Monika.


DavidWe: Are you here for WebHeads, Steven?


MonikaP smiles


MonikaP: What is the time now in Arizona?? Must be very early in the morning??


StevenP: I am here for a virtual office


MariaVS joined the room.


DennisOl: Monika: Here's a link to a good map of Arizona. Phoenix (where I am) is in the south central section and the Grand Canyon is in the northwestern corner.


DavidWe: We had a birthday party with some quite nice (we tried a caterer) food for my Mom's 70th birthday


DennisOl: http://www.mapofarizona.net/


DavidWe: Had Beef Wellington, in fact


DavidWe: Hi, Maria. Welcome


DavidWe: Do you need some help with that, Steven?


TeresaD: it's 12:07 in lisbon


DennisOl: Hi, María!


TeresaD: hi maria


MariaVS: Hi everybody


DavidWe: 7:07 in Pennsylvania


MonikaP: Hi, Maria


DavidWe: Bienvenidos


MonikaP waves to Maria


MariaVS: Shall we go to Webheads office?


DavidWe smiles


JohannaS: All this talk about food. It's lunchtime here but I daren't take my eyes off teh screen.


MariaVS confused


StevenP left the room (signed off).


SusanWood: How do we go to the Webheads office?


TeresaD: we usually stay at the reception on sundays, maria


SusanWood: Where is it?


TeresaD: everybody finds us :-)


DavidWe: You new folks, do you know how to DETACH the chat in order to make it bigger?


MariaVS: ok


SusanWood: no...?


JohannaS: No David


MariaVS: My user name is Maria, but I'm Vicky from Argentina


DavidWe: See the ACTIONS menu?


DavidWe: Hi Vicky from Argentina


CherylO joined the room.


SusanRy: i can barely drink coffe and type simulataneously


MonikaP: Hi, Vicky


CherylO: brb


DavidWe: Click the Actions menu, scroll down to DETACH


DennisOl: Vicky: 'Sorry I got your name wrong!


DavidWe: THe chat window will become a separate window...you can then re-size it


SusanRy: Ahh David thanks for teaching how to detach.


DavidWe: I make mine as tall as the screen will allow


DavidWe: It allows you to SEE more of the conversation


MariaVS: Don't worry. No way to know!


DennisOl: Earlier I mentioned nopalitos. Here are some good photos. (The second and third are good.)


DennisOl: http://tinyurl.com/yu7wcu


DavidWe: Well, it's a part of the emotions - "detachment" - you know


DavidWe grins


SusanRy: this is MUCH better


DavidWe: Yes, it usually is


JohannaS: Oh thanks David that's loads better!:laughs


DavidWe: Indeed


MonikaP: I would love to see the "nopalitos".


SusanRy susanr smiles


DavidWe: Some amateur must have given you a tour, yesterday, I guess


DennisOl: Monika: http://tinyurl.com/yu7wcu


MariaVS laughs


SusanRy: Dennis do you create your own icon there?


DavidWe: So, this is an old joke (and many people cringe when I tell it again, but...) "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"


DennisOl: Susan: No.


DennisOl: I mean, I personally haven't created one for myself.


JohannaS: Tell us david


MariaVS: It's a bit far from where I live!


DavidWe: oh, c'mon - take a stab at it?


DavidWe smiles


SusanRy: Icon, OK, I went to the site yesterday but got called away


DavidWe: You know what Carnegie Hall is?


DavidWe believes Andrew Carnegie was a "wee Scot"


DavidWe . o O ( Uh-oh, I've stunned the crowd )


SusanWood: to get to Carnegie Hall.... follow the chicken that is crossing the road?


SusanRy: Do you steel your way?


DavidWe . o O ( Practice! )


DavidWe: You will all feel more comfortable using Tapped In the more you use Tapped In


DennisOl: Carnegie Hall:


DennisOl: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/medny/stevens.html


MonikaP: I saw the nopalitos. They look wonderful - sehr lecker!!


DavidWe: It may seem challenging (and too complicated), now, but it will get easier - trust us


JulieTh joined the room.


DavidWe: Hi, Julie. Welcome


DennisOl: Monika: They are. I make a salad with them. They're also good with eggs.


MonikaP: But - do you cook them before you can prepare a dish?


SusanWood left the room (signed off).


SusanWood joined the room.


DennisOl: Yes, Monika. They need to be steamed.


DavidWe . o O ( deep-fried? )


DavidWe: Let us know if you have questions, Julie.


SusanWood left the room (signed off).


MonikaP: aha


DennisOl: Deep fried? Hmmm. I've never had them that way.


DavidWe just wonders


MonikaP: We went to Mexico 10 years ago for mountaineering and we loved the mexican food.


DennisOl: Wex: What's the "thinking" code (for .oO)?


DavidWe . o O ( /th blah, blah, blah )


DavidWe: start with the /th


JohannaS: Is everyone here on the BaW course?


MonikaP lol


DavidWe smiles


MariaVS: I am


DennisOl . o O ( Wex is always helpful! )


TeresaD left the room (signed off).



Room: TI_Reception


TeresaD joined the room.


DavidWe: Welcome back, Tere


TeresaD: thanks, david


TeresaD: one click too many ;-)


JohannaS: Maria, are you finding the amount of mail rather overwhelming?


DennisOl: WB, Teresa!


DavidWe: So, were there storms in Portugal also, or only in northern Europe?


DennisOl: Here are some recipes using nopalitos:


DennisOl: http://tinyurl.com/2kb8kj


MonikaP: ?WB?


DennisOl: Johanna: I am, too.


MariaVS: welcome back


SusanWood joined the room.


TeresaD: no storms here, david. we're a very peaceful people ;-)


DennisOl: And I also find the amount of mail a bit of a challenge, Johanna!


MonikaP: Dennis, thank yu. But I have no idea where I could by nopalitos.


DavidWe: Pretty windy in northern Europe (England, France, Holland, Germany...)


DennisOl: I think it would probably be pretty hard to find nopalitos in Germany.


SusanWood: I have a question, DavidWe?


MonikaP: We had a bad storm - some demages on the house and in the garden.


DavidWe: What's up, Susan?


DavidWe nods to Moni


DavidWe: Pictures here were dramatic


DavidWe: Dennis, do you know that palm trees grow in Ireland?


DennisOl: No, I didn't know that, Wex.


DavidWe waits for Susan's question


SusanRy: Johanna, I've become a great email scanner, I ususally look for Teresa or Daf's correspondence and Dennis O. If i read those I feel like I know what is going on


SusanWood: Well, I tried to click on some of the links that you folks put into the chat (in blue) and my Firefox blocked them. At first I couldn't figure out why they didn't work, then I say the block notice: 3 applets. I tried to unblock and then managed to get totally lost and had to shut browser down. So my question is


DavidWe: some guy showed me pictures- I didn't believe him - but there they were - Gulf Stream, apparently


DennisOl: Very interesting!


SusanWood: How do you make the links work?


DavidWe: How to allow pop-ups from Firefox?


DavidWe: Couple of ways...have you detached the chat window, Susan?


DennisOl: BRB: I'm going to make some coffee.


SusanWood: Yes


DavidWe: Do you see a small red X in the lower corner of the web window of Firefox?


DavidWe . o O ( lower right, I believe )


DavidWe: You should be able to click on that and then choose from several options


JohannaS: Good idea SusanRy. But then that means you miss my pearl of wisdom!! (actually I never get time to post!)


TeresaD: my thank you, susan :-)


DavidWe: You want to ALLOW pop-ups from Tapped In


DavidWe: That way, when you click on a web site address (URL) you will get a new browser window with that address


SusanWood: No, but I use a No Scripts plug in and I have to allow Tapped In through. Is that my problem?


MonikaP: folks, I have to prepare lunch. No goulash today - but pork roast with dumplings - Schweinebraten und Semmeolknödel - I am sure you would like it.


SusanRy: I'll add you to my list Johanna


DavidWe: Firefox blocks that "action" of popping things up by default, Susan


MonikaP: Bye, have a very nice day and see you perhaps later.


DavidWe: Well, you want to allow popups from Tapped In - one way or another


DavidWe waves to Moni


DavidWe: Servus


MonikaP waves


MariaVS: Sorry but I will have to leave


SusanWood: Oh. I think that the box that you mean is now on top of hte screen and only appears when something is blocked. Can you put another link into this and I will try it?


DavidWe: You can also just open a new browser window, Susan, and type in the URL, but clicking on it is a nice feature


MonikaP: Servus and Pfüat Eich


MariaVS: Unexepected problem


DavidWe: certainly


SusanWood: I have set my scripts to allow Tapped In through


DavidWe . o O ( www.tappedin.org )


MariaVS: bur


MariaVS: Bye


DavidWe waves to Maria


DavidWe: Ciao


SusanRy: Thanks everyone and especially you David, talk to you next week.


MariaVS left the room (signed off).


DavidWe: Depending on how it is configured, Susan


SusanWood: Yes, box appears at top right of screen.


DavidWe: You're welcome, SusanRy


MonikaP left the room (signed off).


DavidWe: You may need to re-start the browser (logout/then log back in)


DavidWe: You may need to play with it a bit


DavidWe: I can't follow along precisely since I'm using a Mac right now


SusanRy left the room.


DavidWe: But Firefox works well (on Windows) in my experience


JohannaS: Dennis, do you have a way to cope with all the BaW traffic


DavidWe . o O ( delete it all? )


DavidWe smiles


DennisOl: Johanna: No, not really. I read all the messages and it takes a LOT of time!


DavidWe . o O ( Dennis is SO diligent )


DavidWe: Doing okay, Susan - making any progress?


JohannaS: A full time job, isn't it?


SusanWood smiles and thanks DavidWe...


DennisOl . o O ( Dennis is SO obsessive-compulsive! )


DavidWe smiles


DavidWe: Well, isn't that part of "diligence"?


DennisOl: Johanna: Yes, definitely!


DavidWe chuckles


DennisOl: Wex: I guess it is!


DavidWe: Anyone who is steaming their nopalitos...hey, I'm impressed


DavidWe: I just try not to stab myself with them


DennisOl chuckles along with Wex


DavidWe: Okay, now that Monika has left, I'm actually going to get some bagels, for real


DennisOl: Wex: You have to remove the spines before you cook them.


DavidWe: I shall return!


SusanWood: Yes, now little red x is at bottom of screen. I told it to allow everything through (in addition to the no scripts plug in). frankly I can't see any difference, but at least I wasn't booted off this time.


DennisOl: You'd better, Wex!


DavidWe knew there was a better technique for dealing with those spines


DavidWe: Yes, typically, when the pop-up blocker is active, Susan, you get knocked out of the chat as a result


DennisOl: Of course, I buy nopalitos de-spined—or even already cooked (i.e., in a jar).


DavidWe: Anyway, I hope it is working okay, now, Susan


SusanWood: thanks David!


DavidWe imagines in the southwest the nopalito industry is bigger than in Philadelphia


DavidWe: welcome, Susan


DavidWe: I'll be back in 30 minutes or so, folks


DavidWe: Off to get some bagels


DavidWe is afk


SusanWood: what is afk?


JohannaS: afk?


DavidWe: Was Vance and the rest (away from keyboard == afk) showing up?


DavidWe . o O ( be right back == brb )


DavidWe . o O ( ROTFL == Rolling on the floor, laughing )


DavidWe: There area thousands of those acronyms


DavidWe smiles


DavidWe: be back soon


JohannaS: IRAGTGMBN - Do you know that one David?


SusanWood looks puzzled


JohannaS: I Really Am Going To Get My Bagel Now.


SusanWood laughs


TeresaD: lol


DennisOl: Here's a link to some common chat-type acronyms:


DennisOl: http://www.netlingo.com/emailsh.cfm


TeresaD: how about hala's OAWAAW?


JohannaS: meaning?


DennisOl: Luvit, Teresa!


TeresaD: once a webhead, always a webhead!!!


JohannaS: you mean I'll never have a real life again?


TeresaD: when you look at it, it could be some sort of tarzan call ;-)


SusanWood: The linked worked this time! Hurray!


TeresaD: sure you will, johanna. we all do!!!


TeresaD: and many of us are meeting f2f in seattle in march for the tesol convention


DennisOl: Yes, it DOES look like a Tarzan call—or maybe the "song" of a love-sick donkey!


TeresaD: lol, dennin


TeresaD: dennis


DennisOl chuckles


JohannaS: i don't suppose anyone is going to be at teh IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG in Norwich, UK this February?


MoiraH joined the room.


DennisOl: It'd be wonderful to be there, Johanna, but I won't be able to.


MoiraH: Hi all!!


DennisOl: Hi, Moira!


SusanWood: Hi Moira!


DennisOl: Hugs!


TeresaD hugs "brit" moira ;-))


MoiraH hugs all tightly


MoiraH: Yes, teresa, all this hugging is not good for my image ;-)


JohannaS: I'm giving a workshop there (Norwich) about interactive whiteboards.


TeresaD: lol, moira!


JohannaS: Hi Moira


DennisOl: I wish I could see it, Johanna!


MoiraH: Hi Johanna :-))


SusanWood: Are we staying here (in reception)? I need to be afk for a couple of minutes but am afraid that you will all disappear to another room!


JohannaS: Send any ideas!


MoiraH: We're staying here Susan


TeresaD: we'll be here, susan


SusanWood: thanks! back soon!


MoiraH: just stay logged in and you'll get the whole transcript


DennisOl: I'll be back in a few minutes: going to get coffee


MoiraH: I have my wine ;-) Gotyours Tere?


JulieTh left the room.


TeresaD: not yet, moira! in fact, i'm on a diet. have lost 1 kilo. yes!!!


MoiraH: Put two on since Thursday :-(


JulieTh joined the room.


TeresaD: just read about that, moira!


CherylO left the room (signed off).


TeresaD: did everybody go mute or did i lose my connection??!!


JohannaS: I think we had a group meditation session!


OzerE joined the room.


SusanWood: still here! Just getting coffee!!


TeresaD: great! i'll get some too


SusanWood: It all comes from being detached.


OzerE waves


TeresaD waves back to ozer


OzerE: Hi, Teresa, how are you?


JohannaS: Ok folks. Nice to chat but life beckons.


TeresaD: fine. and you? where in the world are you? i'm in lisbon, portugal


DavidWe left the room (signed off).


JohannaS: Bye


TeresaD waves bye to johanna


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


OzerE: I am from Turkey, Teresa


SusanWood: Where in Turkey?


OzerE: Bolu..( a small city between Istanbul and Ankara)


JohannaS left the room (signed off).


DennisOl joined the room.


TeresaD: wb dennis


OzerE: Lisbon.. I know your football team :) Sporting Lisbon?


OzerE . o O ( I dont know how it is written )


DennisOl: I don't know what happened. When I came back and tried to post, I got "bumped."


TeresaD: right! that's my team, ozer. :-)


OzerE smiles


DennisOl: Hi, Ozer.


OzerE: Hi, Dennis


MariaVS joined the room.


TeresaD: i'm not a football fan, only international games, but i've always been a sporting fan, ozer


DennisOl: BTW, is it "Ozer" or "Özer"?


OzerE: normally , It is Özer


DennisOl: I thought so.


OzerE smiles


DennisOl: Özer it is, then!


DennisOl: Merhaba!


MariaVS: I'm back


MariaVS: What are we up to?


OzerE: Ohh! Merhaba, Dennis. Nasılsın? ( how are you)


OzerE: I am not a football fan as well Teresa, I am a supporter of Besilktas


OzerE: Hi, Mariva. Welcome


DennisOl: I'm pretty good, Özer. /th I wish I knew more Turkish!


OzerE: Maria, sorry


RickRo joined the room.


DennisOl . o O ( I wish I knew more Turkish! )


DennisOl: Hi, Rick!


OzerE . o O ( I can teach you some Turkish If you wish Dennis )


RickRo: Hi Dennis, everyone!


TeresaD hugs rick. long time no see


LeeB joined the room.


OzerE: Hi, Rick


RickRo: hugs T!


OzerE: welcome


RickRo: Hi Ozer, thanks


TeresaD: rick, will you be in seattle?


DennisOl: I'd love it. (I knew Nasilsin, but I don't know much more.)


RickRo: I am working on getting to Seattle. I have a colloquium to give...


DennisOl: What's the topic, Rick?


RickRo: distance ed {:-{>}


TeresaD: great! we'll meet again! :-)


DennisOl: That covers a lot of territory, Rick!


RickRo: That's the best part of TESOL, meeting up


DennisOl: I agree, Rick.


RickRo: It's about a distance education teacher training program that I ran for a few years


DennisOl: I've been to TESOL many times, but not in the past five years or so . . . and I won't be there this year.


DennisOl: Sounds like an interesting topic, Rick.


OzerE . o O ( İyiyim is an answer to the quesiton "Nasılsın?" It means I am ok )


RickRo: It was a lot of fun...


MoiraH: back again :-)


DennisOl: Özer: What's "thank you"?


OzerE: Teşekkür ederim


DennisOl: Ah, yes! I remember that!


OzerE smiles


OzerE: Bişey değil (you're welcome)


RickRo: Ozer


OzerE listens


DennisOl: Tesekkür ederim! (I don't remember how to make the "hook" on the s.)


OzerE: We have it in our keyboards Dennis..


AnaRiv joined the room.


MoiraH: Hi Ana!


TeresaD: hi ana


AnaRiv: Morning Moira


OzerE . o O ( ş, ç,ğ,.. )


AnaRiv: Hi Teresa


OzerE: Hi, Ana and Lee. Welcome


MoiraH: I've just had lunch, Anan,what time is it where you are?


AnaRiv: Nice to meet you


AnaRiv: Well I've just had breakfast. It's 7.56 am


OzerE: 7:55 AM for Ana


RickRo: Same time here too. {:-{>}


DennisOl: Yes, I know, Özer. I'm sure there's a keyboard code that I can use for hooked s, i without the dot, hooked t, g with a breve, etc.


OzerE . o O ( It is 14.56 pm in Turkey )


DennisOl: Hi, Ana!


OzerE: hooked "t" ?


AnaRiv: Hi Deniss


DennisOl: Banjo-pickin' Lee: Are you here?


DennisOl: Özer: Sorry. I was confused. That's a letter that Romanian uses, but not Turkish.


SusanWood: You can also set your keyboard for different languages, but then you have to know what has been assigned to each key. Right now, I'm using a Swedish keyboard to type on a laptop with an English keyboard that is switchable to Spanish and Estonian. I have to keep a paper printout handy in case of confusion! :-)


OzerE ) intere

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