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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

Tapped In Tour Chatlog


Date: Saturday, Jan 20

Time: 13:00 GMT

Venue: Tapped In


BJ, the warmest and most knowledgable online helpdesk we know, gave a wonderful tour, as usual :-)

The interaction was very orderly. It paid off to send some guidelines to the list in advance. Way to go, BaWers!

The session started with a lot of socializing, as you will see!

Thank you, BJ, for another great session and... being there for the BaW team, and our BaW 2007 participants!!! :-)







Guest: BJ Berquist (USA)

Coordinators: Dafne (Venezuela), Teresa (Portugal)

Moderators: Hala (Sudan), Moira (France)

Co-moderators: Kat Urbaniak (Scotland),

Participants: Nina Liakos (USA), Susan Wood (Canada), Pranita Gopal (India), Jose Antonio da Silva (Brazil), Susan Ryan(USA), Sheryl Sherwin (USA), Vera Bobkova (Russia), Johanna Stirling (England), MariaV ( ), Liliana Ferreira (Portugal), Nahir Aparicio (Venezuela), Vicky Masson (USA), Leanne Mackenzie (Canada), Evelyn Izquierdo (Venezuela), Rachel Heller (Holland), Martina Schubert(Germany), Isabel C. de Araujo (Brazil), Julie Thornton (USA), Horacio Idárraga (Venezuela), Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine), Monica Veado (Brazil), PattySa (), Rosane Domingos(Brazil), Dennis Oliver (USA), Yara Oliveira (Brazil), Valda Silva (Brazil), Alice Barr (USA), Victor Hugo Corzo (Peru), Monika Pfeiffer (Germany), Sasha Sirk (Slovenia), Cheryl Oakes (USA).







Room: TI_Reception


DafneG joined the room.


TeresaD: welcome, daf and jose


SherylS: Yes, it is. A little early for me to be up and at the

computer but I'm loving this new experience. Thanks to you Nina.


DafneG hugs and kisses everyboby on both cheeks


NinaTL waves to Jose and hugs Daf


HoracioHI: Nina: how good is your Spanish?


JohannaS: Nice to be here. There's no way to make teh text size bigger

on this site is there?


NinaTL: 12 years' worth plus 40 years of nonuse


SusanRy: pranita are you there? thanks for writing me about teacher ed

in india!


JoseD: Hi Teresa Thanks a lot


JoseD: Hi everyone


HoracioHI: Hi Daf. How are you?


MoiraH joined the room.


NinaTL: And Susan Ryan also! My "proteges"!?!


JoseD: Horacio. You everywhere


DafneG: hey Horacio1


VeraB: I think you can change the text in the right upper corner


MariaVS joined the room.


NinaTL: Moira, baby, how does it feel to be so old???


SasaSi joined the room.


MoiraH: Hell everybody!


TeresaD hugs moira


NinaTL: Hi Sasa!


KatU: Johannas there is a font tag top left


SusanRy: thanks nina, that's right!


SusanWood: Happy Birthday Week, Moira!


JoseD: Hi moira


NinaTL: Moira, stop swearing. It's only 7:50 am here!


MoiraH: I'm not old, I'm a year younger!


TeresaD: JA, i like your photo in your profile. cool!


SasaSi: Hi everybody


MonicaV joined the room.


MariaVS: Hi Moira


MariaVS: Hi everybody


DafneG: Nina and I are just starting our day


JoseD: Thanks a lot Teresa


VeraB: Hi, Maria


DafneG: while in Europe is midday


JoseD: Hello Maria


VeraB: it's morning in the USA


DafneG: same in Caracas, Vera


NinaTL: Here we are getting our first snow of the season--a few

flurries drifting lazily down from the sky!


MariaVS: Same in Argentina


LilianaF joined the room.


HoracioHI: Nina: let´s see if you understand this: "Mas serios los he

visto pasar para el cementerio"


MonicaV: Hi everyone, it's 11 am in Belo Horizonte


JoseD: It is moning in Brazil. 10:51 AM


VeraB: but in my homecountry it's late evening...


NinaTL: LOL Horacio (I think)


JoseD: It is getting hot already


TeresaD: ola, liliana! welcome!


LilianaF: Hi everyone, good to be here :)


NinaTL: You mean we are not as serious as one would think


JoseD: Hi Monica. Nice to have you here


DafneG: we have a nice fresh morning here


VeraB: with lots of tea!


HoracioHI: i Moira. Did yoy enjoy your diner?


JoseD: Fresh. I am green wiht envy.


DafneG waves hi to Liliana


NinaTL: Vera, Russia, right? Where exactly? Like us you have many time



VickyM joined the room.


MonicaV: Nice to be here, I've been clicking all the different links in

TI for the past 10 minutes, quite a lot going on! :)


TeresaD: btw, moira, we haven't heard about that menu!!!


NinaTL: Hi, Vicky!


LilianaF: hi, dafne, teresa


DafneG: Hey Monica!


TeresaD: lilana, nice movies!


VeraB: I live in SIberia, close to the borned with Kazakhstan, but now

I am in the USA, in the MIdWest


LilianaF D thank you


NinaTL: Yes, they are cute!


JoseD: I looking forwrd to learning how to use tapped in


VickyM: Hello, everbody!


DafneG: great movies, yes :-)


MoiraH: Hey, menu? I have a photo! I'm nattering to Sus at the moment

re wikis


NinaTL: OK, I remember. We have quite a few Russians in the session

and I'm afraid I am mixing you up.


SusanRy: vera r u in iowa?


VeraB: not a problem :)


VeraB: Yes, I'm in Iowa


BjB listens


LilianaF: thank you for your messages, i'm sorry i didint reply



DafneG hugs BJ warmly


HalaH joined the room.


MonicaV: I always have so much fun in chats, trying to keep track of

100+ simultaneous talks!!!


LilianaF: u know, friday night and all..


HalaH left the room (signed off).


JoseD: Morning Hala


TeresaD: hala evaporated in cyberspace ;-)


NinaTL: I think I finally got through the BaW digests last night, whew!

But I still have about 4 from B4B, which I am also taking.


MonicaV: Hi Hala, welcome!


NinaTL: I can't understand how anyone can take more than 2 sessions.


VeraB: i'm taking 3 because I have a winter break


HoracioHI: Hi Hala. Nice to see you again


NinaTL: We are up to 18 BaWers in here! 19 if we count BJ as an

honorary BaWer, which she certainly should be!


MariaVS: I can hardly keep upwith this one!


VeraB: this one is the most interesting but timeconsuming


MonicaV: That's true, Nina, I've been busy catching up with all the

incoming mail!!!


MariaVS: I haven't even finished the readings


NinaTL: It just keeps coming... (the mail)


TeresaD: that's nice to hear, vera. thanks :-)


JohannaS: I never get onto teh tasks because I'm too busy with the



DafneG smiles to Vera


LilianaF: i cant attend more than one two, also i'm helping some

children in their studies after schol


JoseD: Talk about catching up. I am pretty busy too


VeraB: welcome, it's true, Teresa


SusanRy: the mail is overwhelming


LilianaF: school*


LilianaF: one too* sorry :)


DafneG: don't worry about typos, Liliana


HalaH joined the room.


TeresaD: wb, halinha!!! :-))


BjB: welcome back, Hala


NinaTL: Next week's readings are longer--but last year there were more,

I think--I kept them all in a giant binder and now each week I check

before I print them because I already have most of them. It's lucky

because I can just glance through them to remind myself of the content.


DafneG hugs Hala


VeraB: is this all talk about lots of mail just the hint we should stop

writing :))


HalaH: Greetings Teresinha


HoracioHI: Jose.Were you at bxb in the morning?


HalaH Hala hugs alllll the room


MoiraH: I am hugging averyone as I see all the messages :-)


VickyM left the room.


TeresaD: you're a fast learner of portuguese, hala


NahirA joined the room.


JoseD: Yes Horacio Iwas there


NinaTL: Not stop writing, no--but I have taken to sending private

messages if I think the whole group would not benefit from what I have to



DafneG: BJ will let us know when she is ready


HalaH: I have a good teacher:smiles


NahirA: Good day


BjB: Dafne, I'll announce when we're ready to start


TeresaD hugs hala


BjB . o O ( two minutes )


JoseD: Mrning Nahir. Welcome


HalaH: WOW!! Webheads are always in time


MonicaV: Hi Horacio and Jose, I could "hear" you this morning, but my

mic decided not to cooperate... :(


NahirA: Thanks José


VickyM joined the room.


DafneG: hey Nahir!


TeresaD: that british punctuality, bj! wow! like that


NahirA: hi Daf


LilianaF: i'm afraid i can stay only for one hour, hope it's not a



DafneG: nice to see you virtually, too


Nina TL: I wonder what would happen if all 250+ bawers decided to be

here today. We might crash Tapped In!


TeresaD: lol, nina


JoseD: I could hear, but it ws a bit confusing. Some mics were not ok


MonicaV: LOL!


Nahir A: Nice to see you, hugs for you


HalaH: Hi Vera from Russia:-


NinaTL: Liliana, I can stay for only about 30 minutes because I have a

student at 9 am


HalaH: Hello all names from the list


HoracioHI: Hala: I think your daughter is a very good smile teacher


VeraB: Hi, Hala!


HalaH: morning Horacio


NahirA: Hi Horacio


HalaH: Thanks.Like motehr like daughter!


LeanneMM joined the room.


Starting the tour


BjB: |ANNOUNCEMENT: The Special Tour for BaW is starting in Tapped

In Reception. Welcome, everyone! If you are here in reception, please

stop typing so we can begin.|


JoseD: Hi BjB. Iwas wondering who that person was. You are our host.


HalaH: Hello Leanne


EvelynI joined the room.


AmyRy joined the room.


RachelHel joined the room.


HalaH: Ok,Bj


AmyRy: Good morning BC!


JoseD: Nice to e-meet you BjB


TeresaD hugs leanne


HoracioHI: Hi Nahir. Long time without seeing you


HalaH . o O ( listens )


BjB: Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are in the world!


LilianaF: hi Bjb


NahirA: Sure Horacio


AmyRy Waves


MartinaS joined the room.


LeanneMM whispers hello to Hala and throws her arms around all her

WebHead friends


EvelynI: Hi Nahir and Horacio. this is Evelyn.


DafneG: Please, be quiet


IsabelCriT joined the room.


RachelHel: Hi, I'm Rachel


EvelynI: Hi Daf!


RachelHel: ok


NahirA: Hi Eve


AmyRy left the room.


MartinaS: hello to all


HalaH: th/Hal hugs Leanne back


JoseD: Welcome Rachel




IsabelCriT: Hello,everybody!


BjB: Yes, I'm your tour guide today. Because there are so many people

here I'm going ask everyone to sit on their hands for a few minutes

until we get started


JoseD: Hi Isabel


HoracioHI: Hi Evelyn. Nice to see you again


EvelynI: I've missed you all.




BjB waits for everyone to stop typing


BjB: Good job :-)


BjB: I'm not trying to be mean and spoil your fun, but in a text chat

it's very confusing if everyone is talking at once...


BjB: and since we have a lot of new members, let's make it as easy as

we can for everyone. Thanks!


BjB: First tip for you all, if you haven't already done this, is to go

to Actions in the top right of your chat window and click on Larger



BjB: this will make your chat text bigger and easier to read and still

allow you to view the screen above the chat window


BjB: a reminder that you will all get a transcript of this tour emailed

to you (to add to your piles of email :-))


HoracioHI left the room (signed off).


BjB: Most of you all seem to know each other, so we'll not do



HalaH: Dearest Rafieh,


HalaH: sorry


JulieTh joined the room.


BjB: Just in case we haven't met, I'm BJ Berquist, a communications

teacher in Pennsylvania, US and am on Tapped In helpdesk


BjB: welcome, Julie


HoracioHI joined the room.


BjB: so, is everyone ready to rock and roll?! A yes or no will be



NinaTL: yes


BjB: welcome back, Horacio


RachelHel: yes


EvelynI: yes


LilianaF: yes


SusanRy: yes


IsabelCriT: yes


VickyM: yes


SherylS: yes


VeraB: yes


JulieTh: Thanks, BJ.


JoseD: yes


SusanWood: yes


MonicaV: YESSSS!


NahirA: yes


KatU: yes


MartinaS: yes


LeanneMM: yes


BjB . o O ( Monica wins the enthusiasm award ;-) )


MariaVS: Yes!


EvelynI -))


HoracioHI: I am again




BjB: I'd like to show you that emoting thing first because I know

you're all burning with curiosity


BjB: emoting is showing an action.


BjB: emoticons are cute, but not as flexible as words


BjB: to emote in Tapped In start the line with a colon followed by the

action. For example, everyone type :waves


RachelHel waves


LeanneMM waves


MariaVS waves


VeraB waves


NahirA: ..................waves


LilianaF waves


SusanWood waves


NinaTL waves enthusiastically


VickyM waves


MonicaV: waves


SusanRy waves


EvelynI: waves


SasaSi waves


SherylS: waves


JulieTh: waves


MartinaS waves


IsabelCriT waves


KatU waves


BjB: remember to start the line with a colon (:)


HoracioHI left the room (signed off).





JohannaS waves


BjB: emoting is virtual body language and is important...


NahirA waves


PranitaG: heloo...I am so sorry I am late!


HalaH waves back


NahirA finally


BjB: it shows others that you understand what is taking place


PranitaG: is the BAW07 session still on?


HoracioHI joined the room.


MartinaS smiles


PattySa joined the room.


BjB: Welcome, Pranita. We're just getting started


BjB: Hi, Patty


SusanWood waves at Pranita


PranitaG: thank god..:)


PattySa: hi!


PranitaG: BjB it was nice reading so many things about u:) and yeah u

have a gr8 smile


AliceSB joined the room.


PranitaG: hey patty


BjB: if you have just arrived to the BaW discussion, we've just

started. Please do not type unless I ask you to. With 28 users, it can get

very confusing


HoracioHI: I beg your pardon. I´m having little problems


JoseD: I din´t get the emotions thing


PranitaG: ok


BjB: Jose, type :waves


PranitaG waves


JoseD waves


BjB cheers. Good job, everyone!


NinaAL joined the room.


PranitaG: can I ask a q?


HoracioHI: waves


BjB listens to Pranita


PranitaG: how can i read what i have missed simultaneously and chat


MoiraH waves to Nina


BjB: you can't, Pranita. You will only see chat text from when you

entered the room


NinaAL waves to Moira


BjB: I'm going to be explaining some of the tabs at the top of your



PranitaG: okay.


MoiraH says 'we did it' to Nina


Tapped In interface


BjB: two things you must understand about the Tapped In interface....


BjB: doors and buildings are passageways


NinaAL: Hello to everyone.


PattySa: I see on the calender that there is an 8am discussion, How do

I get there?


RosaneD joined the room.


IsabelCriT: Isabel: says hi to Rosane


BjB: this means that if you click on a door or building icon you will

move to that building, so I'll ask you NOT TO CLICK please.


BjB: when you move to another room, your text chat starts over


RosaneD: Hi Isabel and all.




BjB: let's start with IDENTITY


BjB: all of the webheads are very interesting people!


NinaAL: for sure!!!


DafneG -)


BjB: all members of Tapped In are valued for what they can contribute

to the Tapped In community


DennisOl joined the room.


MariaVS agrees


PranitaG: a q? is identity the ME part?


PattySa: how can I get to the Webhead area?


BjB: so your individual idenity is important.


BjB: Patty, you're in the right place


PattySa: Ok thanks.


BjB: I'm going to show you an example of an edited ID page


BjB: and then I'll show you how to edit your own ID page


BjB . o O ( this will be BaW homework ;-) )


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


DennisOl joined the room.


PranitaG: yes teacher:)


BjB: Please click one time on BJB under the HERE tab to the left of

this chat window


BjB: then click on the green i at the bottom of the frame


DennisOl: Hi, everyone.


NinaAL: Hi Dennis


BjB: good morning, Dennis


PranitaG: could u please explain it again


BjB: Please click one time on BJB under the HERE tab to the left of

this chat window


BjB: then click on the green i at the bottom of the frame


BjB: you should see my smiling face above this chat window


EvelynI: Sorry, it doesn't work for me


LeanneMM: me either


LilianaF: beautiful smile :)


DafneG: got it


VeraB: i only see an icon...


NinaTL: me either (and I know how it should work!)


JoseD: Mine is opening


PattySa: Done and it worked! You look lovely!


MariaVS: I can see it!


MonicaV: Got it too


JoseD: I can seeit now


IsabelCriT: Nice smile


PranitaG: mine is not !


JohannaS: nice!


NinaTL: The open door didn't work this morning, either BJ. Maybe we

have crashed the system!?!


SasaSi: i can see it - it took a while tho


DennisOl: I can't see it, either.


EvelynI -(


VeraB: wow, it worked


VickyM: I can't see it either


BjB: your systems may be slow....give it a minute


LeanneMM: mine finally loaded...Hi BJ!


DennisOl: Ah! I see it!


VickyM: I can see you now.


PranitaG: I have reached a page about u BjB ...am I at the right place?


HalaH: needs time to upload


BjB: yes, Pranita


SusanWood: Very nice write-up, too!


PranitaG: thankx and now ...


DennisOl smiles


EvelynI :-((


RosaneD: Ok, really nice smile!!!


BjB: You can ID any Tapped In member by clicking one time on their name

under the here or online tab and then clicking on the green i


HoracioHI left the room (signed off).


RachelHel: A q: is it wise to put your home address?


NinaAL smiles with pleasure


BjB: look at Dafne and Teresa :-)


PranitaG: Teressa I see u:)


HoracioHI joined the room.


NahirA: I can see your photo in the other window


PranitaG: and I see myself too:)


IsabelCriT: What a beautiful picture,Daf!


JoseD: Mine is already there. Coool


LilianaF: teresa, you have a beautiful smile too :)


HoracioHI left the room (signed off).


BjB: Rachel, that's a personal decision. I'm on Tapped In helpdesk and

some people need to know my address


DafneG: thanks, Isa :-)


NinaTL: Am I the only one whose command still hasn't worked?


EvelynI: I can't see anything :-(


JoseD: Pranita yours is nice


YaraO joined the room.


LilianaF: and dafne, u too :)


PranitaG: thanks JoseD


NinaAL: It works for me ok.


BjB: hi, Yara. Welcome


HoracioHI joined the room.


PattySa: Are you going to show us how to make this page?


MoiraH: Have you clicked on the little green "i" at the bottomof the

name list after highlighting the name Evelyn?


BjB glues Horacio's shoes to the virtual floor


JoseD: Nice to put a face to a name Teresa


YaraO: Hi!


DennisOl: Nice photo, Pranita!


EvelynI: BJB, what should I do. Do I leave the room, and enter again?


NinaAL: Hi Yara1


PranitaG: thanks Dennis


BjB: Evelyn, make sure you click ONE time on a name under the HERE tab

before you clcik on the green i


DennisOl: You're welcome, Pranita.


NahirA: if the chat window is detached you have to go to the tapped in



IsabelCriT: Where did you get your icon,Daf?


BjB: let's take a look at how you can edit your ID page


PattySa: This is a wonderful resource...


PattySa: ok


BjB . o O ( please remember to keep cross talk to a minimum...too

confusing )


EvelynI: Finally!!!!!!


BjB cheers for Evelyn


MoiraH: I love Leanne's photo!


BjB: everyone please click on the ME tab at the top of your screen


YaraO left the room (signed off).


BjB: and then click on the subtab SETTINGS on the right


BjB: from ME/Settings you can edit your own ID page.


NinaTL: Excuse me--I am going to log out and log back in--my TI screen

seems frozen. brb


BjB: you can change your description, profile, add a photo and icon,

and change your password and email


BjB nods to Nina


NinaTL left the room (signed off).


BjB: it's important to keep your email current because your transcripts

are automatically sent to that address


BjB: Questions?


DennisOl: Those transcripts are very useful, BJ.


LilianaF: a q: so we have to click on the edit description, right?


BjB agrees with Dennis


BjB: correct, Liliana


JoseD: Where can I get an icon?


NinaAL: Everything is clear enough.


RosaneD: are we supposed to do it now or later?


BjB: it's your homework, Rosane


TeresaD -)


RosaneD: ok!!!


HoracioHI: If I go to tab, I can´t see the trancripts


BjB: Jose, lots of places to find icons


HalaH: Right,Liliana


BjB: going to a tab doesn't interfere with your chat text


BjB: since some of you have a limited time, shall we continue the tour?


PattySa: yes, please


MartinaS nodds


JoseD: Sure


RachelHel: yes, please!


SusanRy: yes


IsabelCriT: yes


SasaSi: yes


RosaneD: Let´s go!


MonicaV: yes


PranitaG: I added my icon also


LilianaF: ok


BjB: please click on the Tapped In tab at the top of your screen


BjB . o O ( and don't click on any of the buildings on the campus map )


PranitaG: BjB:tapped in reception?




BjB: click on the subtab CALENDAR


IsabelCriT: wow.This is big!


DennisOl: Here's the result of a Google search on icons:


DennisOl: http://tinyurl.com/2f4ns8


BjB: Pranita, if you detached your chat, the screen you want is behind

the chat window


BjB: everyone see the calendar?


PranitaG: could u please tell me how to detach the chat?


JoseD: Thanks Dennis


LilianaF: yes


IsabelCriT: yes


JohannaS: yep


MonicaV: yes


SusanRy: yes


JoseD: Yes I see it


MariaVS: Yes


PattySa: yes


DennisOl: Yes, I see the calendar.


NahirA: sure


MartinaS: yes


SusanWood: very clear!


NinaAL: yes


PranitaG: i am lost..I am at the reception


MoiraH: Pranita - in the window Actions on the top right, drop down

menu, click on Detach


BjB: Pranita, do you see a screen above this chat window?


ValdaS joined the room.


PranitaG: yes


BjB: there is a row of tabs at the top of that screen


RosaneD: hello, valda!


PranitaG: welcome to tappedIn


BjB: clcik on Tapped In


IsabelCriT: Hi Valda


DennisOl: Hi, Valda.


PranitaG: yes


PranitaG: I am there


BjB: good, Pranita


BjB: you will see that webheads are scheduled every Sunday


PranitaG: and I see our schedule


PranitaG: yes


ValdaS: Hi R nice to talk to you here




BjB: I'm going to be brave and have you all join the Webheads in Action

group in Tapped In.


BjB: so that you know how to join a special interest group


MartinaS: please


DennisOl: Wow! You ARE brave!


SusanWood -)


AliceSB: BJB are the times on the calendar in GMT or our timezones?


MoiraH -))))))


DennisOl: It should be a very nice group tomorrow!


PattySa: sounds great


EvelynI :-)))))))))))))))))))))


BjB: everyone click on SEARCH in the top right of your screen


PranitaG: I think they are at our time zones


BjB: all times on your calendar are your time zones


JoseD: Done


MonicaV: ok


PattySa: done


BjB: after you click on search, click on the subtab GROUPS


PranitaG: done


LeanneMM: Hey Dennis, do you see that we get to sleep in tomorrow ;-)


PattySa: done


PranitaG: done


BjB: enter Webheads


IsabelCriT: ok


PattySa: ok


MonicaV: right


DennisOl: Done (re "Search").


ValdaS: hi isabel


PranitaG: yup ..found one group


NinaAL: where are groups


BjB: when you get a match click on the green i next to the group name


JohannaS: done


LilianaF: found one


DennisOl: Hi, Leanne! Yes, but I'll probably come anyway.


PranitaG: seeing the group info


BjB: Nina, groups is a subtab under search


NinaAL: Hey, I am lost with groups.


BjB: let's stop and get everyone caught up


NinaAL: got it


JoseD: Done


BjB: Nina, did you click on SEARCH?


PattySa: fab, I think I am where I am supposed to be.


BjB: good


BjB: when you get a match for webheads...


MartinaS left the room.


BjB: click on the green i next to the group name


BjB: at the top of the group ID page is a place to JOIN THIS GROUP


ValdaS: h rosamne my computer is like a turtle


BjB: click on that


RosaneD: We have to click "find it!" ?


BjB: Valda, the good thing is that all the directions will be in your



BjB: yes, Rosane


MartinaS joined the room.


NinaAL: I can't see groups


PranitaG: I see this: You have successfully joined this group


JohannaS: I'm joined!


BjB smiles happily...what a brilliant group!


MonicaV: I'm in!


LilianaF: 181 members, wow


RosaneD: But you´re brave, Valda!!!


JoseD: I think I am


AliceSB left the room (signed off).


EvelynI left the room.


AliceSB joined the room.


NinaAL sorry for being not that good...


MartinaS left the room.


JoseD: Yes I am


PattySa: I only see 175 member


BjB: after you've joined, click on ROOM VIEW at the top of your screen


NinaAL: I haven't joined yet.


LilianaF: u have to join the group patty


NinaTL joined the room.


MartinaS joined the room.


JoseD: Ok


MoiraH left the room.


BjB: everyone should be back to the welcome screen in Reception


DennisOl: I used the search function to get to groups. I noticed that

"Join this group" isn't always there—because sometimes membership is

by invitation only.


LilianaF: yes


NinaAL: to BjB: I can't find any group.


BjB nods to Dennis.


DafneG: th/I am getting the messages with the new registrations :-)


PattySa: ok, I joined it


ValdaS: Rosane how was your trip?


RosaneD: Very nice!


BjB: Nina, you went to SEARCH, Groups, and entered Webheads?


NinaAL: yes


MartinaS: cannot join


PranitaG: i am back at the reception


BjB: then pressed the find it button?


DafneG claps


NinaAL: nope


MonicaV: Guess I'm back at the receptio area...


IsabelCriT: I'm back


DennisOl: I'm back at Reception, BJ.


RachelHel left the room.


NinaAL: should I type Webheads?


JohannaS: I'm there too


JoseD: I am at the reception too


BjB: yes, Nina


RachelHel joined the room.


DafneG: wb Rachel


ValdaS: hi isabel I got it


MariaVS: When I click Room view it takes me back to reception


BjB: once you're back to the welcome screen in reception....


RosaneD: I´m back at the reception room.


EvelynI joined the room.


Favorite places


BjB: go to the pull down Favorite Places menu in the top right of your



BjB: if you joined the webheads in action group...


PattySa: I am in the "Tapped In Reception" Welcome window - is that



BjB: you will see WIA listed


MoiraH joined the room.


BjB: yes, Patty


EvelynI: Thanks BJB


MariaVS: yess!


MoiraH you're back Evelyn


JohannaS: it is


PattySa: great


EvelynI: Moira, we did it!


SherylS: I don't see Favorite Places


DennisOl: I saw it, BJ.


SusanWood: nifty!


MonicaV: Yes, I see it!


JoseD: I see it


BjB: when you join a group, the group room is automatically added to

your pull down favorite places menu


SusanRy left the room.


BjB: you can move to any room listed in that menu from any location in

Tapped In


NinaTL: Sheryl: gray bar over the lavender screen, right side


LilianaF left the room.


JoseD left the room.


LilianaF joined the room.


SherylS: got it


VeraB left the room.


PranitaG left the room (signed off).


PranitaG joined the room.


LilianaF: ok, got it


DennisOl: Welcome back, Liliana.


BjB: good job, Liliana


LilianaF smiles


Featured Passageways


PattySa: What does "Featured Passageways" mean?


JoseD joined the room.


VeraB joined the room.


PranitaG: i missed something on Find..i was logged out


DennisOl: Welcome back, José.


MariaVS: I'm joining other groups of interest!


BjB: Featured Passageways are links to other rooms in Tapped In.


JoseD: Thanks Dennis. Iwent to Webheads and got back


PattySa: ok


SusanRy joined the room.


PranitaG: what are we to find?


DennisOl sends a "thumbs up" and a smile to José


PattySa: can I go there and see if there is anyone there? Or, just like

this, there are scheduled times?


BjB: you will notice that your Favorite Places menu also has Tapped In

Reception so you can come here if you get 'lost'


AliceSB left the room.


MartinaS left the room.


JoseD: Should we go towebheads room?


EvelynI: Ohhhh :-)


BjB: most groups do not have scheduled times....let's discuss that next

for our tour


MartinaS joined the room.


AliceSB joined the room.


PattySa: thank you


BjB waits for everyone to be ready


RachelHel: Ready


PattySa: ready


DennisOl: Ready


LilianaF: me too


JoseD: Ready


MonicaV: and me


JohannaS: ready


SusanWood: ready


NahirA: Ready


IsabelCriT: ready


NinaAL: ready


SherylS: ready


HalaH left the room.


SusanRy: ok


PranitaG: BjB I am lost...


BjB: Only Tapped In members can join a special interest group like



RosaneD: sorry! Ready for what! I missed it!


BjB: Pranita, just relax and follow what I'm saying now, ok?


HalaH joined the room.


BjB: I'm explaining special interest groups, Rosane


BjB: only group members can enter the group room


BjB: group rooms are mostly used as resource rooms


BjB: each group room has a place to store files and links


RosaneD: ah, ok!


BjB: and each group room has a threaded discussion board that is like

an email group


RachelHel: gotta go, I'll be back


RachelHel left the room (signed off).


BjB: only group members can post to the discussion board. It's a good

place to post questions between real time discussions...


PattySa: Do I recieve emails as well?


BjB: or for group leaders to announce upcoming events and reminders of



BjB: if you are a member of the group you will automatically be

subscribed to the discussion board


PattySa: ok


BjB: however, I know how much email you all get!


TracyAR joined the room.


LilianaF: a q: could I start my own group discussion here?


PattySa left the room.


LilianaF: and have a group office?


BjB: so....I'm just going to say this so it's in your transcript.

Please don't go to the webheads room now


BjB: just a sec, Liliana


BjB: when you are in the group room click on DISCUSSION in the top

left blue menu


MartinaS left the room.


PranitaG left the room (signed off).


PattySa joined the room.


JoseD left the room.


BjB: you will see a place to unsubscribe and to subscribe to the digest

version of the emails


HalaH left the room (signed off).


BjB: unsubscribing just means you don't get the emails. You are still a

member of the group


PattySa: I just clicked on another 'room', joined it, and now have come



BjB nods to Patty


JoseD joined the room.


Private Offices


BjB: question about starting your own group and having a private office


BjB: every member can have a private office. I think most of you

already have one. If you don''t...


ValdaS left the room (signed off).


BjB: go to the ME tab and create one. Just DON'T GO THERE NOW


MartinaS joined the room.


BjB: every member can own two groups


EvelynI: mai I ask a question?


BjB: you can JOIN as many groups as you like


BjB listens to Evelyn


LilianaF: ok, thank you BJ


TI with students


EvelynI: Mai I use my office to chat with my students?


BjB: perfect question, Evelyn. Are your students adults?


EvelynI: yes, they are


BjB: yes, you can use your office to meet with your adult students


IsabelCriT: a question.How can we create our own group?


BjB: if any student is not 18 years old, then you must create a K-12

Student group


VictorHugC joined the room.


RachelHel joined the room.


BjB: I'll answer that in a sec, Isabel


IsabelCriT: ok.


EvelynI: Thanks BJB


DennisOl: Hi, Victor Hugo and Rachel.


BjB: the student campus is a safe and secure place to bring your



SusanWood: Why do we need a group for children, BjB?


BjB: the instructor creates the group room and assigns usernames and



BjB: Susan, some teachers have children as students


MonikaP joined the room.


BjB: if you want more information about the student campus, I can talk

with you later about that.


BjB: to create your own groups....


RachelHel left the room.


PattySa: I would be interested in that as well


BjB: please click on the Tapped In tab at the top of your screen


RachelHel joined the room.


SusanWood nods


BjB: then click on the subtab GROUPS


MonikaP left the room (signed off).


JoseD: done


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


BjB: at the top of the screen you will see a TI group and a K-12

Student Group


RachelHel left the room.


JoseD: I see it


BjB: when you click on either of those groups, you are led through a



DennisOl joined the room.


TracyAR left the room.


PattySa: Yes, I am there. Do I click on the building?


BjB: wb, Dennis


BjB: no, Patty


IsabelCriT: ok


PattySa: ok


EvelynI: BJB, excuse me, another question: Does tapped in have any

specific technical requirements to be used?


RachelHel joined the room.


DennisOl: Thanks, BJ.


JoseD: Ok


KathleeGst5 joined the room.


MonicaV: OK, it took a while, bu I'm there


BjB: Patty, click on the subtab Groups


KathleeGst5 left the room (signed off).


PattySa: done


TracyAR joined the room.


LilianaF: finally got here :)


BjB: Evelyn, no special tech requirements.


BjB: the biggest obstacle is firewalls


PattySa: this is very nice. I see many areas


MariaVS: I can see you can only own 2 groups


EvelynI: thanks BJB


BjB: correct, Maria


VictorHugC: hello to everyone!


LilianaF: it's very simiar to creating a yahoo group, right?


BjB: however, there is no limit to the number of people who can join a



PattySa: Is each of these password protected?


IsabelCriT: what is the difference between " tenant" and "owner"?


JoseD: Sorry but I will ahve to leave. Thanks BjB and all


BjB: Patty, only group members are able to enter a group room


BjB waves bye to Jose


JoseD left the room (signed off).


IsabelCriT waves bye to Jose


PattySa: ok


BjB: and the group owner has control of who is a member of the group


PattySa: Does that mean, I must wait for approval?


BjB . o O ( I do not recommend that you create private groups... )


DennisOl also waves "bye" to José


BjB: because then you have to invite each member individually


BjB: some groups are Public/Moderated...


BjB: which means the owner of the group approves each person who

requests to join


EvelynI: Does it work as YGs?


PattySa: What is YG?


TracyAR left the room.


EvelynI: Yahoo Groups


BjB: explain YG, please


IsabelCriT: Yahoo Group


MartinaS: yahoo


NinaAL: Yahoo Groups


PattySa: thanks


BjB: no


BjB: although you could have a link to a YG in the Tapped In group room


BjB: our hour is almost up. ...


RachelHel left the room (signed off).


RachelHel joined the room.


SasaSi: I'm afraid I have to leave now - thank you very much BjB and

the rest


BjB: you've been very patient with me :-)


SasaSi waves goodbye


BjB: thanks, Sasa. Bye


PattySa: this has been very informative, I will explore the site more.


PattySa: Thanks so much and see you tomorrow.


LeanneMM: YOU've been very patient with US, BJ!


TeresaD: "you"'ve been vey patient with us, bj :-))


The end


BjB: I hope you all feel a little more comfortable in Tapped In


SasaSi left the room (signed off).


BjB: and will come back and explore


DennisOl also waves "bye" to Sasha


NahirA: you've been patiente with us, BjB


NinaTL: It is you who have been patient with us, BJ! Thanks very much.


KatU: Thanks BJ


LilianaF: yes, definitely


MoiraH waves bye to those leaving


EvelynI: Yes, BJB. Thank you so much!


LilianaF: thank you :)


MariaVS: I'll come back later to practice


SusanRy: thanks BJB you were VERY patient!


MartinaS: thank you BJ


DennisOl: Yes, BJ. This was a wonderful orientation.


Last questions


BjB: any last questions?


MariaVS: Thanks BJB


PattySa left the room.


MonicaV: Thank you so much, BjB and yes, I'll definitely come back



RachelHel: Yes, I have a question.


JohannaS: Thank you BJ. Very useful


DafneG: Thanks a lot, BJ :-)


NinaTL remembers her own first time at TI last year and how

overwhelming it was.


SherylS: thank you


SusanWood: Thanks, BjB! Will be be having more sessions with you?


BjB listens to Rachel


RosaneD: Thank you for the explanation BjB. I´ll explore more it



DafneG: another successful tour!!!


TeresaD: thanks so much, bj! another great tour!!!


BjB: Susan, look at the calendar


DafneG claps claps, claps


HoracioHI: BJB. You are the one who has been patient. Thank you so



MoiraH: Clap Clap Clap for BjB


TeresaD claps for bj


BjB: there are several tours scheduled


SusanWood: Okay, thanks!


DennisOl: You're very understandable, BJ, and you're also very patient.

In addition, you kept us very focused.


JulieTh: Thanks, BJ!


NinaTL: I'd like to invite you all to drop by my office and leave me a

note on the whiteboard!


MariaVS claps


VickyM Thank you very much for your tour. It's been very informative,


RachelHel: If you set up a group for students, isn't it awfully

confusing for them to learn how to get there? And what would you use it for



EvelynI: I second the claps :-)) It's been great!


DennisOl applauds BJ


MoiraH: And I'd like to invite you all to my office to leave a



NinaAL thanks a ton


NinaTL: Now I really do have to go teach (I postponed it 1/2 hour)


LilianaF hugs everyone in the room


LilianaF waves goodbye


MoiraH going to Nina's office now


NinaTL hugs everyone and vanishes into cyberspace


NinaAL hugs Liliana


MariaVS waves goodbue


NinaTL left the room (signed off).


LeanneMM waves and hugs back


MonicaV: waves bye bye


RachelHel: Just getting my kids to send their papers to turnitin.com is

a hassle sometimes.


BjB: Rachel, students can engage in real time text chats, post

reflective writing to the discussion boards, and access files and links stored

by the teacher


LilianaF left the room (signed off).


HoracioHI: Moira.How can I go to your office?


IsabelCriT waves goodbye


BjB: when the students log out, their transcripts are emailed to the



SusanWood: To find someone's office, do we just do a search?


JohannaS: waves


SherylS left the room (signed off).


RachelHel: So it's not at a specific time, like this tour?


SusanRy left the room (signed off).


RachelHel: so they chat, but I listen in?


AliceSB left the room (signed off).


JohannaS waves I mean!


NinaAL: Thank you again, BjB. You are very patient and good instructor.


BjB: Rachel, each teacher is in charge of their classroom. Tapped In

only provides the environment


JohannaS left the room (signed off).


BjB: teachers can also collaborate with other teachers from anywhere in

the world


RachelHel: I'm just trying to see how my teaching could use it.


MoiraH: BjB can you give instructions for all to get from here to the

different offices please?


MariaVS left the room.


EvelynI: I really love that.


RachelHel: Go ahead BjB, I'll wait.


KatU: I need to go now. 'See' you all again soon.


BjB: it's a great way to help your students understand proper chat



LeanneMM: See you tomorrow Kat!


BjB: to join someone who is logged in to Tapped In...


RosaneD waves goodbye


BjB: click on the ONLINE tab to the left of this chat window


DennisOl left the room.


KatU left the room (signed off).


MariaVS joined the room.


BjB: click ONE time on their name


RosaneD claps BjB and all


BjB: and then clcik on the DOOR icon at the bottom


BjB bows humbly. Thanks, everyone


NinaAL wave bye to everyone


MariaVS left the room.


MoiraH is waiting for Horacio now :-)


SusanWood: Ah! I see the door! Thanks a million for all of this, BjB!


MoiraH: Thanks BjB :-)


EvelynI: BJB, do you recommend a special web site to find netiquettes?


BjB waves bye.


NinaAL left the room (signed off).


PattySa joined the room.


NahirA: Thanks BjB.


BjB: Evelyn, the best way for students to learn is to have their

teacher model the appropriate behavior


MoiraH left the room.


VeraB: our introductory reading was on netiquette, wasn't it?


MartinaS left the room.


BjB left the room (signed off).


HoracioHI: Moira. I´m going to see if I find your office. First I go

to reception romm?


MoiraH joined the room.


PattySa left the room.


RachelHel: So how are any of you thinking of using this?


VictorHugC left the room.


MoiraH: Hey Horacio, I went to my office and w&as witing for you :-)


TeresaD: that's for the blog, rachel! we hope you all have lots of

ideas!!! :-)


MoiraH: was waiting


IsabelCriT left the room.


VeraB: Thanks everybody, that was a great experience. Enjoy exploring!


RachelHel: I might have missed that part. Where's the blog?


TeresaD: btw, moira and daf, i took several screenshots


VickyM left the room.


MonicaV left the room (signed off).


VeraB waving bye to everyone


DafneG: Thanks everybody for attending our first live event!


HoracioHI: How can I get your office,Moira?


DennisOl joined the room.


MoiraH: Tere, I only took one


IsabelCriT joined the room.


TeresaD: go to our wiki and you find all the links. but first let us

post about the tour, ok?


VeraB left the room (signed off).


SusanWood: Moira, when I click on the door, I get back to receptions

instead of your office!?


TeresaD: moira, i have about 8


RachelHel: okay, and I'll listen in on the Webheads chat tomorrow.


TeresaD: great, rachel!


EvelynI: I have to say good-bye. I really enjoyed this tour. Thanks so

much, BJB. And special thanks to Baw coordinators. Bye.


RachelHel: Thanks! : wave


DennisOl: I'm having some computer problems—which resulted in my

disappearing a couple of minutes ago.


DafneG: great, Rachel


MoiraH: Yes Susan because I am here at the moment and the way you are

doing it, is you are looking for me (online)


DennisOl: So I'm going to sign off.


LeanneMM: see you tomorrow Dennis


TeresaD waves bye to dennis


LeanneMM hugs Dennis


SusanWood: Ohhhh. So I can only go to your office if you are in it?


DennisOl: I really enjoyed this session!


DafneG: thanks for comming Dennis!


MoiraH: You can also search for my office as you did for the Webheads



DennisOl: CU, Leanne!


RachelHel left the room.


TeresaD hopes everyone has a nice day, evening, whatever...


DennisOl hugs Leanne back


EvelynI :-) Waves


LeanneMM left the room.


DennisOl waves bye to Teresa


MariaVS joined the room.


NahirA: Have a wonderful day. Bye


HoracioHI left the room (signed off).


VictorHugC joined the room.


MoiraH: Bye Dennis


DennisOl smiles at Daf


TeresaD: dennis, was the dentist mean yesterday??!! ;-)


MariaVS: I'm playing around now... I love it!


DennisOl waves back at Evelyn


MariaVS left the room.


NahirA waves everyone


DennisOl: Take care, everyone!


DafneG: you too, Dennis


SusanWood: I understand now! I see that I am in reception, too. This

was a wonderful tour -- thank you all!


EvelynI left the room (signed off).


MoiraH thinks Nahir waves well :-)


SusanWood hugs all around


DafneG: glad you enjoyed it, Susan


DafneG hugs Susan


CherylO joined the room.


LeanneMM joined the room.


DennisOl: Teresa: No, he's wonderful. Would you believe that I actually

ENJOY going to the dentist (except when I have to pull out my wallet)?


SusanWood: By the way, can we change the decor in our offices?


MoiraH: Hi Cheryl


HoracioHI joined the room.


CherylO: good day all


DafneG: lol, Dennis


DennisOl: Thanks, Dafne.


TeresaD: lol, dennis :-)


DafneG: yes, Susan, you can


MoiraH: Yes, Susan, look at mine and you'll see I went through a spring

clean :-)


TeresaD: same here, dennis :-))


DafneG: mine is very messy


DennisOl smiles and chuckles as Teresa says "LOL"


MoiraH: I quite like those soft mauves. What do you think?


VictorHugC: hi to all of you!


MoiraH: Hi Victor


DafneG: hi Victor


VictorHugC: hello MOira


TeresaD: i added several things to my profile during the tour


DennisOl: Great, Teresa!


VictorHugC: HEllo DAfne


VictorHugC: wonderful.. mu first time here!


LeanneMM left the room.


DennisOl waves to all, smiles, and poof! vanishes into the cybershere


RosaneD left the room.


VictorHugC: my first time here


DennisOl left the room (signed off).


HoracioHI: Moira. I am in reception room. Where is your office?


SusanWood left the room.


DafneG: did you enjoy the tour, Victor?


IsabelCriT left the room.


VictorHugC: I have just entered tapped in


MoiraH hmmm not sure where cybershere is? Hampshie yes ... Cheshire



DafneG: you will be able to read the chatlog with the whole tour,



DafneG: we will publish it very soon


IsabelCriT joined the room.


MoiraH: Horacio, I will go there now. Then you just click on my name

and the door in the Online list. OK? I'm gone :-)


MoiraH left the room.


IsabelCriT left the room.


VictorHugC: Dafne how can I read the chatlog?


VictorHugC: by mail?


DafneG: we will publish it on our wiki, we will send a message to the



VictorHugC: ok


DafneG: you will only get by mai the chatlog of the time you were here


IsabelCriT joined the room.


DafneG: but we will publish the whole chat


NahirA left the room.


MoiraH joined the room.


VictorHugC: how long ago did this activity start..Dafne?


MoiraH: Horacio Horacio, where are you?


DafneG: it lasted an hour, Victor


HoracioHI left the room.


MoiraH: I've been to the office and am back here again :-)


MoiraH left the room.


JulieTh left the room.


LeanneMM joined the room.


DafneG: Well, guys, I am leaving too :-)


LeanneMM: see you tomorrow Daf?


DafneG: yes, Leanne


TeresaD waves to everyone. have a great day!


LeanneMM: OK :-)


DafneG: Leanne and tere...


IsabelCriT: Bye everybody


VictorHugC: thanks Dafne


LeanneMM: yes Daf?


TeresaD left the room (signed off).


SusanWood joined the room.


DafneG: I am going to use the podcasts you created for my students some

time ago, remember?


IsabelCriT left the room.


LeanneMM: sure Dafne - is that the one about architecture?


SusanWood: Bye! It was great "meeting" all of you!


DafneG: right


SusanWood left the room (signed off).


DafneG: I will send you the URL to the blog


LeanneMM: well, it's not as though I have a copyright on it!


DafneG: lol


LeanneMM: OK good


DafneG: bye, bye


LeanneMM: see you Dafne


DafneG -)


DafneG left the room (signed off).


2007.01.20 06:21:04 Signoff




Chat window


BJ`s profile


TI calendar


Detached chat window

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