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Tapped In


Sarah Lilburn presented for the EVO Video workshop


2 February 2007


Sarah Lilburn is the Japan-based creator of The Daily English Show, an Internet video show for people who are studying English.

Ryan Detwiler, moderator of the EVO Video workshop, kindly sent BaW07 an invitation and I (Teresa) took part. Here's the chatlog for this eye-opening presentation at Tapped In. Enjoy!

2007.02.02 04:58:31 Login


Room: TI_Reception


TeresaD joined the room.


MichaelMa: Hi Tere


TeresaD: hi everyone!


SergioMa joined the room.


TeresaD hugs mike


GeoffT: Hi


MichaelMa: Hi Sergio - Hi all


SergioMa: Hi!


RyanDe: Hi Teresa, Morning Sergio!


TeresaD: hello ryan and sarah! thanks for the invitation :-)


MichaelMa: Can't wait to meet you, Sarah


SergioMa: Exciting to be here, isn't it?


MichaelMa: sure is


GeoffT: Cool


RyanDe: You can expand the chat window by selecting "detach" from the Actions tab


MichaelMa: Hi BJ - thanks for hanging with us!


TeresaD hugs bj


HacerU joined the room.


HacerU left the room.


OznurS left the room (signed off).


CheongS joined the room.


RyanDe: Hi CheongS


CheongS: Sorry, I'm late.. Cheong S = Mike N


BjB hugs Tere


MichaelMa: Hi Mike N This is Mike M


CheongS: Hello Mike, and all


SergioMa: Good evening, Mike N


GeoffT: Hi :)


CheongS: Have I missed anything?


MichaelMa: We have not begun yet


RyanDe: No


RyanDe: should we go to the office?


MichaelMa: Yes


GeoffT: OK


RyanDe: Alright


SergioMa: yes


TeresaD: sure


SergioMa: How do we go there?


TeresaD: we'll follow you, ryan


RyanDe: To go to my office, click on the ONLINE tab, click one time on RyanDe, and click one time on the door icon


CheongS left the room.


RyanDe: the online tab is just there to the left


GeoffT left the room.


RyanDe left the room.


SarahJL left the room.


MichaelMa left the room.


TeresaD left the room.



Room: RyanDe_Ofc


TeresaD joined the room.


RyanDe: wish I had some artwork up


TeresaD: that was a fast ride ;-)


SergioMa joined the room.


RyanDe: but just moved in


CheongS: less is sometimes more, right Geoff?


GeoffT: I like minimalist, myself


RyanDe smiles


GeoffT smiles


MichaelMa: MichaelMa forgots what to type to smile


SergioMa: Sergio smiles


RyanDe: Hey Mike, bjb taught me this


GeoffT: smiley icon colon and close para, I found by experimenting


RyanDe: or, start with a colon followed by the action


MichaelMa smiling


RyanDe waves


CheongS: ('


GeoffT jumps


MichaelMa waves across two oceans


SergioMa sneeze


TeresaD: lol


GeoffT travel in time


SergioMa: that doesn't work


GeoffT travels round the world and back in a second


SergioMa: I mean sneezing


GeoffT: Bless you


SergioMa: lol


RyanDe Sarah, I watched thatamericangirl's birthday tribute to you yesterday or the day before, there was a screen shot from your first ever video


RyanDe: how long ago was the first video


RyanDe: ?


SarahJL: Yeah. That was a great birthday present.


SarahJL: Monday 2 April 2006.


SarahJL: I mean 3rd


GeoffT: Wow, less than a year


MichaelMa: TDES is young


SarahJL: Yeah.


MichaelMa: and growing ever so quivly


MichaelMa: quickly


GeoffT: Already a brand to reckoned with!


MichaelMa: indeed


SarahJL: Yeah I guess you can really notice the difference if you watch the early shows.


GeoffT: be reckoned


SarahJL: Thanks : )


SergioMa: It is absolutely brilliant!


SarahJL: Thank you.


RyanDe: I love it too Sarah :smiles


GeoffT: I love what you are doing in TDES


MichaelMa: Are you going to set up a web site to "centralize" your shows, Sarah?


SarahJL: Do you mean host them on my own site?


MichaelMa: No, do you have a site alreadty?


SarahJL: Many sites : )


MichaelMa: ah...


RyanDe: ( just to let you know, you can expand the chat window by selecting DETACH from the Actions pull down menu )


SarahJL: http://www.geocities.com/thedailyenglishshow/


SarahJL: That's kind of the central place.


MichaelMa: I have only seen a sozen of your shows, and the question didn't come up...


MichaelMa: i see


SergioMa: Sarah, I have a technical question. A lot of your show takes place indoor. How do you control lighting?


MichaelMa left the room (signed off).


MichaelMa joined the room.


SarahJL: I have two garden spotlights.


GeoffT left the room (signed off).


GeoffT joined the room.


MichaelMa: Sorry, I bumped myself out of the room


SergioMa: Garden spotlights? Are they inexpensive?


SarahJL: If you watch this show you can see the lighting set up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szxT9O7MGy4


SarahJL: My boyfriend bought them... just a second...


SergioMa: Thanks a lot!


SarahJL: He said about 2000 yen each.


MichaelMa: how do you click on a link without leaving this room?


SergioMa: Great!


GeoffT: Sorry, I fell out the window..


RyanDe: I've never had luck opening links from this chat window using firefox.


SarahJL: If you watch the earlier shows you can see the difference in the lighting. It's not perfect now - but it's better.


SergioMa: I think the black backgound is better.


MichaelMa: I noticed you had 2 lights for your FAQ show


TeresaD: click CTRL and then the link


MichaelMa left the room (signed off).


MichaelMa joined the room.


TeresaD: the site will open in another window


SergioMa: Especially if you are not close to it


SergioMa: It eliminates the shadows


MichaelMa: I should never have changed to Explorer 7 - that no longer works, Tere


RyanDe: what are some of the other difference between the older videos and newer ones?


SarahJL: Sound levels.


TeresaD: it just worked for me, mike


TeresaD: i'm watching sarah's video and wasn't thrown out of here


MichaelMa: hmm


TeresaD: i still have IE6


MichaelMa: oh


SarahJL: Various skills get better every time - editing etc.


TeresaD: mike, you can always go back


SarahJL: I changed editing software after a month or so - and that improved things too.


SergioMa: Sarah, how do you create the animated clapboard at the beginning of each episode?


GeoffT left the room.


SarahJL: That was from Video Studio 7 (editing software).


SergioMa: I see


MichaelMa: What part of videomaking do you enjoy the most, Sarah?


GeoffT joined the room.


SueP joined the room.


RyanDe: Hi Sue!


SarahJL: The chance to do a variety of things I enjoy - research, writing, presenting, art.


MichaelMa: hi sue


SergioMa: Hi, Sue!


GeoffT: Hi Sue!


SueP: Hi all!


MichaelMa: Variety, yes


SarahJL: I think I enjoy it all equally.


RyanDe: How did you come up with "Conversations with Sarah" -- great! idea


MichaelMa: I think it's the same for me


MichaelMa: Yeah, I saw several of those - excellent


SarahJL: From years of teaching and making materials, using materials, searching on the net for materials...


SergioMa: On a less serious note, your avatar looks like a slightly cross-eyed person. Is there a meaning in it? My explanation would be that as you try to defamilarize things using humorous drawings and editing techniques, you chose an avatar that suggests looking at tings from a somewhat distorted and therefore fresh perspective. Am I way off the mark?


MichaelMa: And the bonnet for the news!


SarahJL: Sergio... no one has ever asked about that picture before.


RyanDe: ah ha! A new question :)


SergioMa: There is always a new question


SarahJL: The first "Sarah's Diary" show I did, I went to a fire station in Tokyo. There were lots of elephants. Those are the eyes of one of the elephants. When I need a picture for the first site I started uploading to ... that was one of the few pictures I had lying around.


MichaelMa: I really like the way you become two distinct people in all the shows I saw - that hat, with the different expression on your face, makes you cool schizo


SarahJL: I think the eyes look cute ... but the main reason is that more detailed pictures don't look good when they are so small, so I needed something simple.


RyanDe: interesting


SarahJL: But I like your explination better Sergio!


SergioMa: Thank you, you may have unconscioully chosen it because of that!


SarahJL: As for the hat... it has a kind of deeper meaning.


RyanDe listens


MichaelMa: yes???


SergioMa: Makes you look like a stick character?


SarahJL: I am interested in the way people believe what they see on TV news just because it is read in a certain voice, by people who look a certain way...


RyanDe: (Sue, you cand expand the chat window by selecting DETACH from the Actions pull down menu)


SueP: great, thank you


MichaelMa: So, you're, like, making fun of news media in a certain way?


SarahJL: So, by choosing some elements of the traditional news style (voice, Jacket) - but with a stripy hat... maybe it will make people think...


SueP: Sarah, your show is amazing - fresh, creative. I wondered what kinds of reactions you've had from students? Do you they contact you?


SarahJL: Don't know if I can explain what I mean very well....


MichaelMa: maybe - i doubt it, though!


SarahJL: I get emails from people, yes. Some people say they love it etc


RyanDe: do students come by TDES studios


SarahJL: And lots of comments on YouTube.


SarahJL: No haha! Only the mail people come here.


RyanDe smiles


SarahJL: No paparazzi : (


RyanDe: not yet anyway :)


GeoffT: I do a weekly audio podcast. I tried to have it very open-ended as to format, but somehow, the students have been happy to stick with the initial formula. How has the Daily English show changed over time?


BernardoH joined the room.


MichaelMa: When I first saw the DES about 6 weeks ago, I said to myself "Right. She thinks she's actually going to do this EVERY DAY?? You really surprised me, Sarah, and made me one of your many fans.


SergioMa: Hi Bernardo!


RyanDe: Hi Bernardo!


BernardoH: Godd Morning


SueP: Hi Bernardo


MichaelMa: It takes me about 2 weeks to make one "show"


BernardoH: hi sue


SarahJL: The format hasn't really changed at all.


SergioMa: That is true, but you need new ideas every time


MichaelMa: Right - it"='s the regualrity of quality which is utterly amazing


SarahJL: Thanks.


GeoffT: I guess that makes it easier to produce on a regular basis


SarahJL: I have so many ideas!!! Not enough days.


BernardoH: Sorry to be late, but I was confused about the hour of the meeting.


SueP: Maybe you've already answered this Sarah, but how did you get access to the studio where you make your show?


BernardoH: Where can I see your show, Sue?


MichaelMa: just go to youtube - she will soon be on the front page


SarahJL: When we moved to Kutchan we just looked for a place to live and happened to find this place.


SueP: Bernardo do you mean, Sarah's show?


RyanDe: seems like there are a couple formats: main format, Sunday Cooking show, and other.. like the travelling episodes or the recent "How to tell if you're addicted to YouTube" episode.


SarahJL: It was my dream to have a studio. We painted it...


SarahJL: Yes. Mon to Fri regular show. Sunday: Cooking show. Saturday: either Sarah's Diary, How to or another random show.


BernardoH: I'm trying to catch up on the conv. Yes


SarahJL: You can watch TDES at many different places.


GeoffT: Blimey - 7 days a week!


SarahJL: Only two English sites: YouTube and grouper.


RyanDe: (Bernardo, you can expand the chat window by selecting Detach from the Actions menu)


MichaelMa: Do you mean you upload to several video plaves like YouTube?


MichaelMa: Grouper?


SarahJL: YouTube is best for watching it on a computer. Grouper's quality isn't so good.


SarahJL: Yes.


SarahJL: Watch me tv, pee vee TV etc.


MichaelMa: and ,Japanese Youtubes"?


RyanDe: do you get more traffic from the English sites or Japanese sites?


SarahJL: Depends...


RyanDe: guess what I mean, is, if knf is maintaining the Japanese site, I imagine TDES is gaining popularity in there in Japan.


SergioMa: Wow! Besides learning, Japanese, teaching, researching for your show, practicing karate, shooting the show, editing it, cooking, removing snow, uploading your video to multiple sites, what do you do in your spare time? :)


SarahJL: He's been experimenting with different sites.


SarahJL: Sleep : )


SarahJL: Go drinking.


MichaelMa: Question is well put, Sergio!


BernardoH: What's your member name at YouTube, Sarah?


SarahJL: thedailyenglishshow


SergioMa: Geniuses work at a faster pace. That's the truth.


SarahJL: http://www.youtube.com/thedailyenglishshow


CheongS: I've heard of the daily English show, but what's YouTube?


RyanDe: ha ha


MichaelMa: Just a suggestion - Daily Motion, a French youtube, is a very user-friendly place to upload


SarahJL: YouTube is a dangerous, addictive drug.


BernardoH: thanks


SergioMa: Yes, I have seen that show!


SarahJL: OK, thanks, I'll check it out.


SueP: Sarah - you've really started something unique. What are your future plans for your show? Would you ever want to sign up with a producer and be shown on network TV, etc.?


RyanDe listens


GeoffT: That's a question I wanted to ask to


GeoffT: too


SarahJL: Future plans?


SarahJL: Not sure...


SarahJL: I would like to be able to continue for a while. So a sponsor could be an option - but that could be problematic too.


MichaelMa: That's probably what will happen - Sarah will gat an offer very difficult to refuse


SueP: In what way - artistic licence?


GeoffT: Like Amanda Congden


SueP: You could span the globe with your shows.


SarahJL: My "news" is completely biased with my opinions (anti-war etc) and full of whatever I think is funny, criticizing whoever I feel like...


GeoffT: Many audio and video podcasters are trying to make money from their "hobby" but you seem to be developing a good model, of brand recognition. Is the TDES brand bringing you work? Is it important to you?


SarahJL: I would like to find a way to have people in countries other than Japan find out about the show.


MichaelMa: That IS happening, Sarah


RyanDe: would be interesting to put some segments to vhs for use in classes..


MichaelMa: Even one of my French students at my school told me about your show, as if I hadn't already heard about it


SarahJL: Recently a guy in Iran said he advertised the show on some Persian sites - he is really nice ... that kind of thing is really helpful.


SarahJL: Really? Cool.


MichaelMa: (DVD, Ryan)


MichaelMa: yes, really


RyanDe: both would take time


SarahJL: As for your question Geoff - TDES bring me work. Not yet.


GeoffT: It should!


SarahJL: I am just focusing on doing a good job, learning more etc...


MichaelMa: That's the spirit


GeoffT: Absolutely.


BernardoH: What specific language objectives are you trying to reach with your videos, Sarah?


SarahJL: People can use the shows in many different ways. For example...


SarahJL: Learning vocabulary. Listening practice... pronunciation - if they don't mind my accent... I know lots of people hate it : (


SarahJL: Teachers could show parts in class to start a discussion.


SarahJL: I try to make the shows a mixture of entertainment and education... so ...


MichaelMa: or teach a particular grammar point which you illustrate


BernardoH: How do you assess if the learning goals where reached?


GeoffT: I think extensive listening practice with comprehensible but authentical speed language use has got to be high on the list of uses for the show


SarahJL: hopefully people will get addicted to watching every day and it will be a kind of "extra" to add to their regular study.


MichaelMa: right on


SergioMa: I think it can engage learners at different levels. That is one of the secrets of the show.


SarahJL: Yeah, thanks.


CheongS: lot's of opportunity for vocab development... even for us older native English speakers


BernardoH: How do you get feedback on your ratings?


SarahJL: And I am happy that also many native English speakers are watching every day.


SarahJL: Feedback on ratings?


MichaelMa: Check out YouTube, Bernardo - it's pretty clear


BernardoH: thanks michael


MichaelMa: you're welcome


SueP: One of things I love about your show is the unexpected content, the surprise element. Though there are great textbooks out there, your show can bring into class the feeling of "right now" and I think students will connect to that.


GeoffT: And it's always of the moment, current...


SarahJL: Thanks Sue. I think so too ...


BernardoH: You Tube ratings have general targets, I mean specific student learning targets


SarahJL: Students really enjoy talking about current things.


SarahJL: I'm still not sure what you mean Bernardo.


RyanDe: I have a suggestion


SarahJL: Fire away.


RyanDe: Bernardo, would you be willing to conduct a focus group of sorts with a group of students and episodes of TDES?


MichaelMa: good idea!


RyanDe: Would be a great help to all


RyanDe: just a thought


RyanDe: Sarah


SarahJL: Yeah


RyanDe: What advice, if any, would you offer to teachers interested in making videos for their students?


BernardoH left the room (signed off).


BernardoH joined the room.


SarahJL: What kind of videos? Like what I'm doing? For students to study at home?


BernardoH: Sorry, connection problems


TeresaD: sarah, your page has been linked in my OLE page of resources and i'll be updating the link. it's seen by many people all over the world, so i hope it also helps spread the word :-)


SarahJL: I'm not sure if I have any advice. I guess it depends on your purpose.


SarahJL: Thanks Teresa!!


TeresaD -)


SarahJL: Much appreciated : )


SueP: Also, (change of subject?) your answer to the different English accents in your FAQs video was right on. I think it's important for our students to be exposed to as much as we can give them. Yes, understanding culture is the key to becoming fluent, but as English becomes (is) the international language - our prospectives will change.


MichaelMa: The group which Ryan moderates involves teachers and students making video together as ESL projects...


SarahJL: Definately, Sue.


CheongS: Sarah, can you give us a hint for tomorrow's show?


SergioMa: What I admired is that ibnstead of telling the questioner that he or she was an ignorant twit, you said you could understand why he or she thought that way.


SarahJL: I try to introduce videos made my people with different accents - South African etc


CheongS: Sound's cool, i'm looking forward to it


SarahJL: Haha I rant and rave at my computer screen - but I would never do that in a video!


SergioMa: That's one suggestion to aspirant video makers, contain your feelings


SarahJL: Also, I try to leave the nonsensical comments there so others can reply.


TeresaD: sarah, it's updated and uploaded


SarahJL: If you look at the comments under the very first video on YouTube.. it's quite funny.


MichaelMa: You're a champ, Tere


TeresaD: lol


TeresaD: that's multitasking :-)


SarahJL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmpou2hAfeU


SarahJL: "I am an American and I can barely understand your poor pronunciation. Please speak more sharply and distinctly for your students. They would greatly benefit from that improvement."




GeoffT: Foolish person


SergioMa: To put it mildly, geoof


GeoffT: ACtually, some very slow-speaking podcasts are awful models


SarahJL: "the narrator can't pronounce "r" sounds...not a good way to teach japanese to speak english... " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5b_ScwQtD4


GeoffT: I can understand everything - no problem


SergioMa: So can I


SarahJL: Thanks : )


SarahJL left the room (signed off).


SarahJL joined the room.


SueP: As you mentioned, Sarah, scripts are available and useful for students.


SergioMa: Yes, that is essential for low level ones


SergioMa: Providing the script is much better than speaking artificially slowly


RyanDe: Sarah,Thank You very much for chatting with us today.


GeoffT: Subitles (which people can switch on or off) below the picture might be a help for very low levels, but I suppose the technology is not quite there?


BernardoH: I was refering to specific rubrics, and how you achieve them through your videos with your students.


RyanDe: I don't know how much more time we have


TeresaD: thanks from lisbon, portugal, sarah! it's a lovely sunny afternoon


GeoffT: Thank you, Sarah. Sarah, you (and others) are leading the way in the kind of targetted media publishing that can only increase in the future: the kind of TV show for English language learners that they would find hard to get any other way. (With your journalism background, you may have an advantage.) Thank you. Media publishing is also about personality, TV presence, etc. You've got it!


SarahJL: Thanks for all your kind words!


SergioMa: Thank you, sarah. I concur with Geoff.


TeresaD: and thanks for the invitation, ryan :-)


SueP: thank you and I concur too. I can't wait to use your show in my class this spring.


BernardoH: Thank you Sarah,


TeresaD: bye, everyone!


GeoffT: Tanks Ryan


CheongS: Be good Sarah, and never lose that wonderful accent


GeoffT: Bye Sarah and all


TeresaD left the room (signed off).


2007.02.02 06:19:45 Signoff

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