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Week 1 (Jan 15 - 21)



Getting acquainted with Yahoo Groups. Introductions. Exploratory survey




1. Introduce yourself in no more than 100 words:

a. Your first and last name. You can include the name you would like to be known by.

b. Yahoo ID.

c. Institution where you work or study.

d. What you do.

e. Why you joined this group and the expectations you have.

f. Any additional info you would like to share with the group.


This intro is to be posted to our participants' gallery wiki page. Follow the format given. It would be great if you added a small photo :-)


2. You can also post your picture to the PHOTOS section (menu on the left) of our Yahoo Group (YG)


3. Join our interactive BaW-07 map ! Get yourself on the BaW-07 map! Place your pin to show us where you are.

Check out our Frappr!



4. Complete the survey we prepared



5. Read other introductions from the participants' gallery wiki page, and...


6. Help to welcome all new participants by posting comments to our YG: Click on Post ( this link is located in navigation bar on the left)


7. Get acquainted with all the features of our Yahoo Group.


8. Join BJ Berquist, the most knowledgeable and pleasant HelpDesk volunteer we know, for a tour of Tapped In (TI)



On Saturday, January 20, at 13:00 GMT.


9. Use the opportunity to get an office at TI, where you can meet with peers and students.


We suggest that you start inviting other participants and the moderators for chats in your offices.


10.Post questions and problems to the YG list



11. Meet us for the Webheads Sunday chat at Tapped In: on Sunday, January 21, at Noon (12:00) GMT. Look for your local time in the World Clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html




Questions of the week:



a. How do you change your mail distribution preferences at our Yahoo Group?

b. How do you post your photo to the "Photos" section?

c. How do you create a passageway (shortcut) to another office at Tapped In?


Let’s see who is first to answer those questions! Post your answers to our YG list.***


Suggested Readings


(1998). Hints for Learning Online


Hunter, M. (2006). Are You on the PD Cybertrain or Still Hesitating?



(2003). What Makes a Successful Online Student?




Dotson, T. (2003). Why Johnny Won't Post.



Sweeney, N. (2001). How to Be an E-Learner





1. Post your comments / ideas / reflections about the readings in our BaW forum (discussion board)


2. Important norms for a polite and efficient use of the distribution list:


a. Give clear subjects (subject line) and change them whenever the topic changes.

b. Delete all unnecessary text in the reply message. No long tails, please!

c. Don't use capital letters to write a message.


Advice: In your Bookmarks or Favorites, open a Becoming a Webhead (BaW) folder with any number of subfolders to keep relevant and useful links for quick reference. Well-organized bookmarks are extremely helpful and save a lot of time and frustration!


Dafne's advice: register for free to del.icio.us, where you can save your favorite pages with a click, and classify them with tags. You can retrieve your pages from any computer connected to the Internet. This is the collaborative del.icio.us we have created for BaW-07 **: http://del.icio.us/baw07




Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baw07



Dafne, Teresa and the BaW-07 Team

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