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Weekly Threads: Week 1

This week's threads are brought to you by:

Kat in Canada (but from Scotland!)

Date: (01)15-21 January 2007

Number of messages: lots ;-)



VImP: The YG course portal and this website will stay at your disposal after the session is over. :-)


Welcome to Week One

From The Baw07 Team, Cora, Cris, Daf, Hala, Moira, Teresa, 15 Jan 2007

Dear All,

The 15 January 2007 is here (well, in some parts of the world) and we are finally starting our session!

We all together, Cora (in the States), Cris (in the UK), Daf (in Venezuela), Hala (in Sudan), Moira (in France) and Teresa (in Portugal), would like to warmly welcome you to BaW07!!


This workshop is about learning and sharing and this is an example which Ibrahim in Tajikistan has prepared especially for today!

Thanks to all those who have already introduced themselves to the list. People from some 36 countries already! The number registered is greater, with 219 members from 39 countries a the moment of writing and we are looking forward to hearing from you all!

Some of our co-moderators are already on known to you (Cheryl, Dennis, Kat, Nina) and you'll be meeting more soon! We have a great team and a marvellous, international group of participants with very interesting and diverse backgrounds and experiences.

BaW07 promises to be an extremely rich online experience already and we are only just starting our six weeks together!


This session is mainly asynchronous, and all details can be found on our wiki


Our discussions will take place in three different places:

The Yahoo Group list where you are receiving this message -


The Forum where we will discus the weekly suggested readings -


The blog to write our comments about the weekly live sessions with our guest speakers -


These links are also available from our BaW07 Yahoo Group:


A Hints page is also available where you can find helpful information gathered from our three previous sessions:

A Glossary page is also available to help with the terminology :




We have created several activities for Week 1 which can be found at:


On Saturday 20 January, we will have our first live session at Tapped In and BJ Berquist will be our tour guide :-)


Thanks for joining our session, and if you have questions do not hesitate to send them to the list.


We hope you have a joyful learning experience!

The Baw07 Team

Cora, Cris, Daf, Hala, Moira, Teresa

PS: remember that you can save your links at our del.icio.us site:



Our Week One Tools


From Dafne, 6 Jan

As you have probably realized, we will be using different web tools during the session. The purpose of each of these tools is the following:

Yahoo Group: our "communications center" for general communication among all participants, essentially, email messaging.

Wiki: where you find all the information about the session (syllabus, weekly activities, live sessions, hints, glossary, etc) and where you will also be "adding your own content" (your intros, products you create during the sessions, etc). The wiki password for the pages where you can add content is: baw - very original ;-)

Blog: to discuss the weekly live guest presentations

Forum: to discuss our suggested weekly readings

Voice forum: this is a space to explore the use of voice, and you are free to talk about whatever you want. You can even ask a question to start a discussion.

Please, go ahead and give these tools a try, some have a ready done it :-)



Week 1 Sum Up


From Moira, 21 Jan

As we come to the end of the first week, we all (Cora, Cris, Daf, Hala, Moira and Teresa), together with Dennis and Kat who have helped so much this week and still are (it's not even Sunday for some!) would like to say THANK YOU for a great start to BaW07!!!!!

If you have time to drop in for an informal chat at Tapped In, we're there for approximately two hours, just nattering, exchanging and sharing in the normal weekly Webheads meeting!

In this first week, you've been able to get to know us all a little and we have been able to get to know you too :-) If you haven't posted your intro here yet, it's never too late :-)))

As from tomorrow (Monday), Cris is your Moderator for the week and will be helped along in the week by Ramona. We will all be in the background to help too as Cris has just literally moved to a new job in the UK and it may be quite 'hectic' for her !

We, the BaW Team and Participants, wish you all the very best, Cris!

Break a leg!


An Excel-lent File on Participants


From Teresa, 21 Jan

At the end of Week 1 we have 253 members in our YG and 114 intros. We are indeed a "mini UN" with representatives from 41 countries, as follows:

Argentina 7

Australia 1

Brazil 10

Bulgaria 1

Canada 4

Czech Republic 1

Ecuador 1

England 7

Estonia 1

Germany 3

Greece 1

Holland 1

India 1

Iran 1

Israel 1

Italy 1

Japan 1

Kazakhstan 1

Korea 1

Latvia 1

Mexico 1

Myanmar 1

New Zealand 2

Norway 1

Oman 1

Peru 5

Portugal 5

Russia 2

Saudi Arabia 2

Slovenia 2

Spain 2

Sweden 1

Switzerland 2

Taiwan 3

Tajikistan 1

Thailand 1

Turkey 3


Ukraine 1

USA 27

Venezuela 4

It's fantastic, isn't it? Well, here's the link to the Excel-lent (coined by our own Dennis/Denos) that I've been creating about BaW07 participants. It's sorted by countries so you can associate the names of the participants to their country.



Tapped In Tour Saturday


From Daf, 20 Jan

We had a great time at Tapped In today :-) Thanks a lot to all those who could make it!

For those who could not make it and for those who would like to go back to BJ's useful instructions about TI, here's the complete chatlog, with screenshots included:


You will also find this page at the Speakers and chat sessions page at:


From Moira, 20 Jan

You are all invited to leave your comments on our blog after attending the Tapped In Tour http://baw07.motime.com/

If you couldn't attend, please read the chat log in the wiki and leave your comments nevertheless on the blog.

BjB has given us all homework to do!!!! We'd better do it ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing your offices! Mine had a recent spring clean :-)


Tapped In Sunday


From Teresa, 21 Jan

For those of you who could not be there, I've just created a wiki page with today's informal chat at TappedIn from 12:00 to 14:00 GMT. Enjoy!




Advice - Delicious


From Vera, 19 Jan

I've started using this wonderful delicious tool to store the links I like, but I've got a small problem:

I'd like to create bundles of links so that it could be easier to navigate them. I want to organize only my links into groups, but for some reasons it just shows me all the links of other people. This is helpful but this is not what I want...

From Dennis, 19 Jan

When you are in delicious (I always miss out the dots) go into settings and then into bundle tags. You can create groups from your existing tags, or type new ones in directly. I hope that is what you wanted and that it works for you.

From Vera, 19 Jan

This is exactly what I want and I'd done it before, but I couldn't make it work the way I want to.

For example, when I go to the tag, let's say 'Teaching', it shows either ALL the link that were tagged by other users, or 'popular' ones. But when I click on 'Yours' it says 'No items', though on the left where you see all the tags and bundles it says I have 7 tags. I can't figure out what the problem is... It must be something minor, but I can't figure out what... Maybe I save them in a wrong way?...But I just follow the instructions and they are pretty clear...Do you have any suggestions? I just want to make it work!

From Dennis, 19 Jan

I have had that "No items" message in the past. For me it meant that although I had lots of tags, I had not grouped any of them together.

There will be someone on this list who can help if you do not succeed now. Don't be shy to write again. This is communal learning!

From Hala, 19 Jan

Delicious is a wonderful tool indeed and you will be amazed of how useful will be for you! First of all ,make sure you are logged in. This has happened to many many times and reuslted in wasting some time wondering what is going wrong! Click on “settings” Under” Tags” , you click on bundle tags type the name of the bundle and click create. You make sure your work under “your favorites” not “your network”. Hope this is helpful.


Advice - EVO Webcast


From Susan, 21 Jan

I listened to the EVO kickoff Skypecast last week without any problems, but was unable to access it this week. I was also unable to hear the session live on the webheadinaction site, despite registering as a member. I could see the conversation, but not hear it. I've been troubleshooting all afternoon and can't find anything wrong -- audio checks out fine, and so does Skype (for telephoning). The only think I can think of is that I upgrade Mozilla Firefox yesterday -- could that possibly have caused the problems?

From Moira, 21 Jan

If you use Firefox, there are certain things you must do to hear the webcasts. All the information is on the site under Listening and Guide so just take your time and read through :-)

The alternative (and perhaps easier) is to have both Internet Explorer and Firefox on your computer and use IE when listening to the audio in the webcasts.



Advice - Getting into the forum


From Dennis/Denos, 16 Jan

Moira asked me yesterday if I would look into the forum and see how the discussion was getting on.

After I found the forum, I discovered I had to register and then confirm my registration. That was a long, repetitive saga, and I was unsuccessful several times - but you can now all learn from my learning path.

(1) The readings are here: http://baw07.pbwiki.com/Readings It is strongly recommended that you read this material before you start discussing it. (British joke).

(2) The forum is here: http://www.miumu.com/phpbb/baw07.html

(3) To register - click on REGISTER (You must search for it a little)..Don't worry if it is already ticked.

(4) Questions marked by * MUST be answered, the others are optional.

(5) The recognition task is.... a bit tricky. It SEEMS to want capital letters. Sometime goodness knows WHAT the shapes are, but if you get this part wrong you will be told so, you can repeat, and the rest of you data is NOT lost.

(6) When you have registered you will be told that the account must be activated - please see you ordinary email account. !!! THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE A COUPLE OF HOURS !!!

(7) Note it IS possible to mistype your password. If you accidentally do this, the program will tell you - and you must change things.ALWAYS TYPE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORDS v e r y slowly and deliberately.

(8) Have you forgotten what this is all about? You are joining the forum so you can join in the discussion -- based on the readings for each week.

See you at the forum. No need to wear a toga.



From Moira, 16 Jan

Hello everybody,

There are two ways of using the forum.

1. As a Registered User


2. As a Guest User


If you WANT to register and have your name and photo appear automatically and send messages without having to enter a code each time you send a message to the forum, follow these instructions:

Instructions to Register:

Once in the forum,

- Click on ticked Register icon.

- Accept conditions.

- Complete your Username (your name) and create a password (your own)

- Complete your email address (your personal address).

- An automatic email will be sent to your address (your personal email address).

- Click on the link in the email and this activates your account in the forum.

- Now log in with your Username and password

Advise: remember to write down your username and password


If you DO NOT want to register and you prefer to enter your name and subject and confirmation code every time you post, follow these guidelines :

- Got to the forum and click on 'Post Reply' to the message you want to send a reply to.

- The text window to write your message will open.

- At the top of this text window, enter Username (your name) :for exmple, Moira Hunter.

- Enter a title for the Subject of your message.

- Write your message.

- BEFORE submitting, you must complee the Confirmation Code at the bottom of the screen. This is difficult to read but is normally in capital letters.

- Now you can submit.

To see the differences between these two ways of posting messages to the forum, please CLICK on this link http://www.miumu.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1&mforum=baw07 Now decide which you prefer.

If registering, take your time, go slowly!!

I have registered twice without any problem, and the last time (under username Batman) was in real-time with Nelba in Argentina and it took seconds :-)


Advice – Remembering Passwords


From Leanne, 17 Jan

I apologize if it has been mentioned in other posts to the list already, but here's my two cents' worth:

Get yourself a little book, like an alphabetized pocket-sized address book. As you register for each website, blog, forum, etc. write down the name of each on its appropriate page, and note your username and password under it. This book can be taken with you when you travel so you will always have your sites, usernames and passwords at hand, regardless if you have your home computer "remember" them for you.

I still bless Dafne for this wonderful suggestion.

From Dennis, 17 Jan

An alternative is to have all the details stored somewhere online. I certainly agree that to rely totally on Firefox, say, remembering for you, it potentially very dangerous!

From Moira, 17 Jan

I too bless Daf for this wonderful tip as I have my little note book which is full of passwords, urls and usernames. It's very handy and as you say, you can take it with you.

From Hala, 17 Jan

Another option, or maybe an extra one for extra security, is to have them written on a Word document then upload it on an online office.In this way, you can retrieve them whenever you need without being afraid to loose the note book , or to be stolen at airports along with the thousands of $ one carrying!!! Better to loose the $'s than the passwords and usernames!

I personally use "ThinkFree" with 1GB or this and also to upload my Word documents when I need to work on them from out side my home.It never let me down!


From Jose Antônio, 17 Jan

I already do one of the things you suggest to keep record of user name and password. I type them in a word document so that I know where to look for them. The think I was looking for was a site like thinkfree. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have already signed an will learn how to use it.

From Teresa, 17 Jan

I've found an Excel file more practical as a backup, because you can always keep the same format and alignment. The cells are great for doing that.

I generally write the name of the site (in red so I see it immediately) followed by its URL and the date I registered in brackets (). It may sound strange to have the date, but it's come in handy a few times. All the names are inserted in alphabetical order.

Right below I have a cell with un followed by the username I adopted (in the next cell). And right below I have a cell with pw followed by the password (in the next cell) or email. Some sites ask for our email.

I always leave two rows in between each entry so that they are readily visible. I love this system.

I can always take a print with me or have the file in my pen drive. Whatever...

I've found this to be indispensable info and a filing system that works very well for me.

Just my two euro cents.

From José Antonio, 18 Jan

Excel seems really to be better suited for keeping this kind of file. That is a nice way of keeping things neet and easy to find. Like I said I use word and I have to scroll down a bit to find what I want and the documents looks a bit messy. Thanks for the hint

No Photo YetFrom Derya, 17th Jan

Dear Hala, Jose, Leanne, Moira, Dennis and all the others;

Let me tell you my own traditional way of coping with this: I choose the same username and the same password for every website or groups that I join! :)

From Hala, 17 Jan

Dear Derya,

A great advice from an expert!

I do like it and I will for sure follow your path !

Thank you for sharing this idea with us.

Jennifer, 18 Jan

I do exactly the same and it really works great. You can´t forget it because it´s always to same!!! Lol

From Dennis, 18 Jan

And so do I! But sometimes there is a restriction on the site which makes me change something.

Also - we are all forgetting delicious, surely. If you gather all the sites you visit into delicious they can be accessed from anywhere where you have a PC and access to the Internet.

From José Antonio, 18 Jan

You are not alone. I also use a "universal" password and and two user names. I am not getting any younger and my green/gray matter has tobe used for other things. Of course security might become an issue, but I do not have any dirty secrets. But sometimes the password and user name is not up to you and that is when the problem arises.

Thanks a lot for letting me know I am not alone.

From Daf 17 Jan

I try to have several usernames and passwords which I change from time to time, because in case one of them is hacked, my other sites are safe. That's also why I don't like to have my passwords saved on the net. If the place where I keep them is hacked, the hacker will have all my information at his/her disposal.

No Photo YetFrom Jose Gregorio Salas sanchez, 17 Jan


I usually have two nicks: one for formal activiities and other for informal ones. Every ID with a password, so not many nicks, not many passwords, only 2.I change the password from time to time to avoid being hacked.

From Cheryl, 17 Jan

I thank Dafne daily, when I am looking to keep passwords in the front of my brain. It just doesn't happen. However, when Dafne recommended a little address book last year, I thought to myself, there is no way I'll have that many user names and passwords. Well, Never say NEVER! I am ready to start my second address book.

It is amazing because I use the little address book weekly. Today I was presenting in a different school, on a different computer, and couldn't remember my password, I had my little address book with me and within seconds we were rocking into the Podomatic website.

From Sue, 18 Jan

Like Daf, I'm security-conscious so I've found another solution to manage my mountain of passwords: I've recently starting using a small freebie (open source) program to store passwords on a USB stick. You use one master password to access the file. The file can (and should) be backed up regularly (very simple -- just copy it somewhere else). So far, I've been delighted with it -- it's intuitive, simple, and (I believe) secure! The program is called "KeePass" http://keepass.info/index.html and the best article about it is http://www.tomshardware.com/2004/05/07/locking_down_your_passwords_with_keepass/ index.html

From José 18 Jan

Dear Sue,

Waht a nice tip. I just checked keepass and it looks really interesting. For now I am not going to start using it, but I have bookmarked it on delicious and will use it in the future. I totally agree with you on the issue of security.

Thanks alot for sharing

From Moira, 18 Jan

Hi Sue,

I heard about this on the radio once and then promptly forgot the url and name.

Thanks for sharing :-))

No Photo YetFrom Monica, 18 Jan

Another simple option is to keep a file in Google Documents (Google acoount necessary, but no need to have a Gmail account) with your list of usernames and passwords. Google Docs. accepts different formats (html, txt., doc.) and spreadsheets, and you can upload your files from Word and Excel. All you have to do is to sign up (or sign in, if you happen to be using Gmail) and remember this username and password.

I don't have too many secrets either, :) but I don't like the idea of typing in the same information everywhere I go in the virtual world...

From Kat, 20 Jan

I <3 (love) google documents. It's great for keeping documents that 2 people share to ensure you're using the most up to date (I use it for things such as to-do-lists and shopping lists and share it with my husband).

From Nina, 18 Jan

Another idea: I write the site or url, my username, my password (abbreviated) and (if relevant) the email account I signed up with (since I have several) on two sides of a 3x5 index card, which I then cut in half. I alphabetize the cards and keep a pack at home and the other at work (or with me). That way if I lose one I still have a back up.

No Photo YetFrom Rafieh, 19 Jan

I'd like to share my password secret with you. I use on line facilities as well but instead of writing the actual password/s, I use special codes. I choose a few names for example my favourite musicians from around the world as my passwords and instead of writing their names I use a code like where they come from eg if my password is chopin I write Poland or for rachmaninoff I write down Russia, because I never forget who my favourite musicians are and where they come from!

From Hala, 19 Jan

What a way to remeber usernames and passwords!I am sure you had neverforgotten one before.

They say when you love something;an image, someone,a character,etc, this feeling transfers extra electricity to the part where you kept the image in your short memory.Retrievieng it is always very easy,because the electricity will keep that part glowing, as long as love is there!!

No Photo YetFrom Horacio, 19 Jan

Dear Hala: I am going to tie all your messages with an electric wire. An electric hug.

From Cora, 19 Jan

Hafa, I like your using codes for your passwords--really great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

No Photo YetFrom Angeles, 19 Jan

Hafa -What a nice idea!!!! I have my doubts about writing my passwords on a notebook. now, i can try something similar using a different topic.

From Martina, 19 JanI still think you should use a non-hackable password, and a land is still a word and therefore hackable. Better would be to form sentences, and to stay with the example of rafieh, one could form a sentence of which one takes the first letters, for instance, like:

Greta Garbo the famous actrice died in 1990 in New York.



This is 100 percent secure!

PS - And you could even write down such sentences in your harmless notebook, nobody will assume this is a password! By the way, notice also low and high caps. LOL

No Photo YetFrom Angeles, 20 Jan

It sounds so interesting to do!!!

I think I have to practice it with my passwords, always having problems about it!!!!Thanks a lot for your ideas :)

From Kat, 21 Jan

I use letter and number combinations too. A combination of letters and number is safer than a word that can be found in a dictionary but no password is unhackable. Hackers use a piece of software based on a dictionary and run through the words. Next they would use another piece of software that runs through letter and number combinations. If they are determined enough to get in somewhere they often do.

That said the likelihood of being hacked is pretty low, depending on that systems you use, what websites you use and how much time you spend on the internet.

From Vera, 19 Jan

I feel it's time to share my password secret.

I think of a word in my native language (Russian) and type it using English keyboard, you can't use Cyrillics for passwords. So, forexample, Russian word which means, let's say 'password'becomes 'gfhjkm' when you type it like this. It looks like complete nonsence, doesn't it?

But it only works when you know Russian keyboard well enough because when you are in another counrty you don't see keyboards with Cyrillic symbols very often.

From Nina, 20 Jan

My two cents: I generally use the same password for webhead stuff, but for confidential accounts (student accounts here at the U of Maryland, or financial accounts) I use different passwords.

I still have to keep a record, though, because I have 3 email accounts and although now I generally use just one for ID purposes, I have used otehrs in the past; and user names have different requirements, e.g. Tapped In assigns a user name...

From Cheryl, 20 Jan

Well, Nina, you have come a long way from last year when you and I were in the Webhead class together. How many passwords and logins did you have then, how many now?I have my little book that I can't do without. Maybe it is because I know I have things written down, that I can keep up with all the creative things I need to do, LIKE problem solve and collaborate.

From Nahir, 20 Jan

I always use the same username and password, this way I don't forget them.In case the site or tool asks for something different, I record the name of the site, user and password in a little notebook I keep for it.




Advice - Tapped In

From Nelba, 6 Jan

I am writing this message to tell you that I met BjB yesterday at tapped in and she helped me putting things in order in my office. For the beginners - I am not an expert, you know- I would recommend to explore this tool before the beginning of BaW07 course because it takes time to get familiar with it. There is always a HelpDesk volunteer ready to help you.

Today - Saturday morning- Ibrahim, Nina Lyulkun and I were chatting, visiting our tapped in offices and sharing photos. Really nice and friendly people! you are invited to join us!

From Nina, 6 Jan

Hi, Nelba! You are right; doing a little advance work with an environment like Tapped In can be very useful! However, to participants who are not very brave about trying new things by themselves: don't worry! The moderators are so helpful, and everyone is extremely patient. My own experience was that I did not arrange my office at Tapped In for many months after BaW06; however, I finally did it (with BJ's help!), and now I use it to chat with my current and former students!

WHat I do recommend is that participants register at Tapped In prior to our tour, because although it takes only a few minutes to do it, you won't want to be late! http://tappedin.org/tappedin



From Susana, 19 Jan

I'd like to join in too! I'm not familiar with this tool, so 'll try to follow you as I can. I'd like to ask you a question regarding TappedIn before I add my name in our group's database:

Must I "Become a member" and then "log in" or I just need to clic "Guest log in" to be able to do the tour?

I'm sorry if I misunderstood something, but this is a whole new world to me. I'm eager to discover it ;-)

From Teresa, 19 Jan

You can log in as a guest to take the tour, but I'm sure you'll love TI and will want to be a member, so why not register and become one in advance (it's very easy), and then you can create your own (first?) "virtual office" right after the tour ends. :-)

Becoming a member in advance also helps identify you much better by your name. Or else you'll be Guest1, whatever...

From Hala, 19 Jan

No,you don't need to be a member to log in to TappedIn ( TI ), but you can not create an office or have access to the files, links, notes, calendar, or any additional features available at there. Thus, you would better log in as a member and believe me,you will never regret it!

I recommend you to try to log in earlier,or today,if you have time,and play a little with all the tools there to explore some of the wide features available at TI.




Advice - Yahoo Groups Email


From Jose Antonio, 14 Jan

Hello everyone, ( Dafne, Teresa and any of the moderators, this is the second time I post this message and it is taking long to appear in the group mail box. The first time I placed it as a new topic. Is it the best way? Does it have to be moderated? What is the best way of sending a message?)

From Moira, 14 JanSometimes Yahoo has 'indigestion' and seems to take ages to post the emails!

I have your name on my "intros/countries" list I sent earlier and to which you already responded (thank you for your kind comments) because I looked throughall the messages in the Yahoo group rather than the emails.

This is perhaps more reliable, also for sending emails.

From Jose Antonio, 14 Jan

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. So it is a case of indigestion really. As this delay happens to me quite frequently, I was wondering if I had been doing anything wrong. My message appears in yahoo groop page but it does not appear in the mail box. Once again thanks for helping me out.

From Susan Wood, 14 Jan<

I, too, have found that Yahoo mail gets frequent "indigestion", so I have an extra email address with Gmail (Google's equivalent). I actually prefer Gmail for listservs and events like this because of the labelling system (instead of single folders), almost unlimited storage space and powerful search engine. To get a Gmail account, however, you have to have an "invitation" from someone who already has an account. So....if anyone in our group would ike an "invite" to Gmail, let me know.



Advice – Yahoo Group Messages


From Nina, 15 Jan

I'd like to add a reminder for people to delete all or most of the text when replying to a post, which will make scrolling through the digest much more efficient for all of us. (I am replying directly from the Digest, and I hope that it has automatically deleted the previous text!) Also, don't be afraid to change the header to better reflect the content of your message.

Advice - Wiki Access


From Daf, 9 Jan

The password only works for the pages that have "baw07participants.pbwiki.com" included in the URL, the other pages are information about the session and they cannot edited. This is a list of the pages you can edit:

http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com (where you write your profiles)

http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com/Personal-Goals-for-BAW07 (page created by one of our participants, Penny Lundquist, to write your goals for this session)

http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com/playground (on this place you can freely explore the features of pbwiki)

http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com/your_applications (here you will be adding all the thingies you create during the session - blogs, wikis, recordings, etc.)

http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com/blended_learning (this is a page to post your answers to week 6 questions)

All these pages can be edited using the password.


Advice - Wiki Hints


From Jennifer, 8 Jan

Exploring our wiki on the navigation bar(called SideBar, on the right) you will find "Hints" where helpful info gathered from previous Webheads is available.

I highly recomend it if you are planning to get used to all the tools that we will have to use.


Advice – Wiki Printing


From Sue mswoodca, 14 JanI wonder if anyone can advise me about creating a pdf file of themembers of our group? I thought it would be fun to have a hard copy print-out of the introductions/photos to refer to during our chats. There is a button at the bottom of the Participants page that will make a pdf file but the pdf that is created is almost useless because the print goes off of the right side of each page. It also doesn't include the photos, which is too bad because it would be nice to have the visuals for orientation. Any suggestions?
From Daf, 14 Jan

If you use Internet Explorer, on the navigation bar, you should have an icon that allows you to edit Web pages. You have 2 choices, edit with Word or edit with Front Page (if you have Front Page). Open the page you want to copy, and click on that button. You will get the page copied to Word or FP, then save, and that's it.

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you should also have a link, on the navigation bar, that allows you to create pdf documents out of web pages.

In any case, you can always open the particpants gallery page while chatting with people ;-)

From Teresa, 14 Jan

I personally don't think there's a need for the prints you refer to, because we have the Participants Gallery with all the intros and we will have a Weekly Threads page with all the important discussions of that week, both a "mouse-click away"!!! I think it's much easier and more fun to refer to an online page, don't you? And... less paper. Let's contribute to a paperless world and help the environment! :-)



Global Flu Cook Book


From Hala, 21 Jan

Hello dear participants,

I would like to draw your attention that our Global Flu Cook Book,which has been uploaded in the file section earlier this day, is now up on our wiki:http://baw07participants.pbwiki.com/Extras

We would be very pleased if you would add more recipes from your country, city or maybe a grandma/grandpa one!Chrissan just did!



Links - Comics


From Teresa, 19 Jan

For those of you interested in Comics software, resources and end products by students, click "Cartoons & Movies" in my EFL/ESL resources page where you'll find more info.

Hope you find this page useful!



Links - Computer Tools


From Jennifer, 18 Jan

I wanted to share with you an excellent site on Computer Tools that support Learners.

The Url is http://www2.mtroyal.ca/~rcorbett/edtech/LearnersET.html.



Links – Easy Thumbnails


From Daf, 16 Jan

Maybe you have realized that someone has been resizing the photos some of you have posted to the participants gallery wiki page. Well it is me ;-)

It is always advisable not to post huge photos to a web page, and even more in this case when we have to accommodate so many photos on the same page, not to mention the aesthetic side.

To easily resize images, I use "EasyThumbnails"

http://www.fookes.com/ezthumbs (free download),

and I try to resize the photos to 100 x 100

On this page, you can see how it works (I created the page for a teacher training workshop last year:




Links – Moodles

From Moira, 15 Jan

We have some real Moodle fans here.

For information, Moodle is a learning management system or an 'online asynchronous school' if you like, where you can post courses. See this link for more information http://cdc.humboldt.edu/lms/whatis.html

This is a big subject and we do not cover Moodle at all in these six weeks. Last year, there was a six-week workshop entirely on Moodle but not this timeround.



Links - Online Jig-saws


From Daf, 18 Jan

I am a fan of these online jig-saw puzzles. I even incorporate them in my lesson plans as pre-reading activities or to introduce a topic ;-)

I use http://www.jigzone.com you can even create your own puzzles and embed them on a web page.


Links - Online Magazine


No Photo YetFrom Derya, 17 Jan

This "creating an online magazine" idea really attracted me! How can I get more information on this topic? Is there any web link for that EVO 2003 session?

From Hala, 17 Jan

Me too! Yesterday, this what I have found when I was looking around for the EVO session 2003 ,"Creating an Online Magazine for Student Writing "Interesting indeed!

Check this link and you will find what you need here.



Links - Slideshow


From Martina, 18 Jan

There is a website, which I personally like a lot. It is a bit like bubbleshare, but the sound quality is better:


One needs to download and install the publisher, but then you can create slidestories and you can type in English, or Russian, or Chinese, or Arabic, or whatever you like.


From Hala, 18 Jan

Barbra Dieu, or Bee as we call her, used slidestory for a short tutorial to explain how to upload a file to a yahoo group:


Here is another way to upload a PP presentation on YouTube:


Have a look on Dafne's PP presentation here:


If the link didn't work for you ,you can access it from here:




Links - World Clock


From Dennis Oliver, 4 Jan

I agree that a link to something like the World Clock would be useful for finding convenient meeting times for our international group.



From Teresa, 12 Jan

Every live, synchronous session (of EVO Webcast Kick-off at Worldbridges) will be recorded and archived, because we are a community that spans the 24 time zones - isn't it fantastic? -, making it impossible for everyone to take part in 'real time'.

I'm sure you've see the link to the World Clock, where you can see or search for the time anywhere in the world. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html

But have you noticed this link that we also have? I love it! Not only do you see the zones of the world with night or day, but, if you drag the mouse over the map, you see the time in different cities. I'm going to show it to my students when we will talk about time zones. http://www.qlock.com/time/


From Dennis, 20 Jan

There are lots of tables on the Internet for converting GMT to other times. One I like is:






From Andrew Pincon, 14 Jan

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for theBaw07 group:

Where do you usually connect to the Internet?


Office or School

Cyber Cafe


To vote, please visit the following web page:


Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups web site listed above.Thanks



Worldbridges - EVO Kick-Off


From Daf, 11 Jan

Dear participants,

We are four days away from the official beginning of the 13 EVO sessions. On Sunday, Jan 14 at 15 GMT, we will be holding a webcast at Worldbridges to inaugurate our EVO sessions. Jeff Lebow has graciously accepted to host this session, as he did last year.

You are cordially invited to attend this live event and to startenjoying the wonders of meeting people live in cyberspace. I will give ashort intro about EVO in general,and each moderator will describehis/her session. Then, participants from the different sessions will have the opportunity to share their views with the audience.

We will be using Skype (http://www.skype.com) and the chatroom at: http://webheadsinaction.org/ You will see the link to the chat room on the right side of the page.

In order to listen to the session, you need to click on one of the sound channel icons.

If you want to participate in the talk (your choice), you need to have a Skype account, a headset, and go to our skypecast at:https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=\227659 which will open at 15:00 GMT

If you have questions, feel free to ask ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you there, and to the beginning or our sessions,


On behalf of the EVO coordination team



Worldbridges - Webcast and Chatlogs


From Daf, 14 Jan

Dear all,

Thanks to all who attended today's EVO kick-off, we had a great turnout!

For those who could not attend live, the webcast and chatlogs are nowavailable at:


Have a great session!


Worldbridges - EVO feedback


From Moira, 16 Jan

Hello everybody,

We would really appreciate your comments and feedback about the opening ceremony (or EVO kick-off webcast as we call it) which took place on Sunday :-)

Please go to our blog, http://baw07.motime.com/ and leave a comment. If you have no motime blog account, you can STILL leave a message and your message will say "Unlogged Visitor", so remember to write your name at the bottom whilst writing your message.

If you want to create your own free blog, which I sincerely hope you do, just go to the top left of our blog and click on "Start your free blog now". Fill in the information with your own username, your own password and your own email and you're on your way to having your own motime blog!!

Enjoy !!


Yahoo Group Database


From Teresa, 21 Jan

As you know, there is a Database (in our Yahoo Group, link on the left) entry for your ID in different platforms. I've just added Tapped In, as the IDs there don't always correspond to the names you use in our mail list.

So... could all of you go there and add you different IDs, please? Not many have done so far.

Those of you who've already added them, please *go back* and add your Tapped In ID. Click "Edit" to do so on the far right of your name.

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