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Week 2 (Jan 22–28)



Text and Voice synchronous communication tools: Tapped In, Yahoo Messenger and Skype (in Worldbridges)





Moderator: Cristina Costa

Co-moderator: Ramona Dietrich






1. download and install Yahoo Messenger (YM) and Skype, if you haven't done so yet; then,


  • create a Friend (buddy) List (YM) / Contacts (Skype) using the participants' Yahoo and Skype IDs available at our Participants page; or in our Yahoo Group Database (write your ID's in the database so you can be contacted by other participants);


  • explore these tools and their features, including voice chat, by joining any of the moderators and other participants for chats or conferences (group chats), and reflect on their potential in TEFL/TESL;


  • send a message with your reflections on these tools or post them to our Voice Board:





From Theory to Practice


2. join Michael Coghlan at Yahoo Messenger on Thursday, Jan, 25th at 1200 GMT, for a chat on the use of voice communication tools;


3. Join Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier at WorldbridgesJan, 28th, at 1500 GMT for a webcast, and voice and text chat on Webcasting and podcasting;


4. Post your comments about these live presentations on our BaW-07 blog.





Questions of the week


* How do you start a conference and invite guests at Yahoo Messenger?

* How do you save your chatlogs to your hard drive at YM?

* How do you display your picture at YM?


Post your answers to our YG list. Let’s see who can answer these questions! :-)






Suggested readings


(Click here for a brief overview of each suggestion.)


-Almeida d'Eça, T. (2004). Online Tools that Promote Language Learning and Foster Professional Development. Polifonia, 2004 pdf.


-Farmer, R. (2004). Instant Messaging: Collaborative Tool or Educator’s nightmare!. Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada.


-Gonzalez, D. (2003). Teaching and Learning Through Chat. A Taxanomy of Educational Chat for EFL/ESL. IATEFL Poland Computer SIG Journal, Oct. 2003.



-Pointers & Clickers (1999). Chat as a Teaching Tool.








1. While exploring these synchronous communication tools, you are encouraged to:


  • share experiences and reflections at all times, and
  • think about and discuss the potential of text and voice chat for the EFL/ESL teaching and learning process (how can it be used? for what purpose? at what level?) and send your comments to the group mail list.



2. Post your reflections about the weekly readings to our forum.



Advice: Do not forget to open a Becoming a Webhead (BaW) folder with any number of subfolders in your Bookmarks or Favorites in order to keep relevant and useful links for quick reference. Well-organized bookmarks are extremely helpful and save a lot of time!


Remember that you can also register for free to del.icio.us, where you can save your favorite pages with a click, and classify them with tags. You can retrieve your pages from any computer connected to Internet. We have created a BaW del.icio.us site for our group. Share your links here



Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baw07



Dafne, Teresa and the BaW-07 Team!

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