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Week 3 (Jan 29– Feb 4)

Building an online presence: Blogs, podcasts and Wikis






Moderator: Cora Chen

Co-moderators: Cheryl Oakes, Gladys Baya, Nina Liakos

Guest presenters: Barbara Dieu and Graham Stanley.

Special guest: Bob Sprankle





Well, it is time to have some fun. Why don't you start creating your own blogs, and even simple Web pages? Take your pick!


1. start by visiting our BaW-07 Blog , and feel free to explore and write your first impressions. What would you like your blog to be about?



2. join Barbara Dieu(Bee)at the Alado/Webheads room, at 21:00 GMT on Monday, January 29 and Graham Stanley at the Alado/Webheads room , at 17:00 GMT on Sunday, February 4th for presentations on Student Blogging and Podcasting Projects;






3. explore blogger hosts (Motime, Blogger, Edublogs, ) and, if you so wish, create your own. If you do, let the group know the URL so that everybody can take a look and post comments.


4. Explore blogs podcast providers (Podomatic, Odeo, and Blogcheese ).


5. we encourage you to experiment more on the wiki playground page that we have for you to explore and experiment. Don't be shy give it a try ;-) - (we will provide the password in our Yahoo Group distribution list).


6. Optional: If you have more time, feel free to explore different Web hosts (Googlepages, GeoCities, Bravenet, Protopage ) and choose the one you seem to feel more comfortable with;

  • plan the content and layout of your (first) Homepage;
  • create your first Web page and enhance it with an image or photo;
  • send the URL to the list and ask for impressions and feedback;
  • create a link to your Homepage in the Links section (menu on the left) of the BaW YGroup;
  • enhance your plan and create a couple of other Web pages with links to one another.



7. send your reflections on practical applications of blogs and Web pages to your daily teaching, advantages and disadvantages.



Questions of the week:

1. In the blog provider you selected:

  • How do you invite others to be members of your blog?
  • Is it possible to upload videos? If so, how do you do it?


2. After exploring our wiki:

  • How do you create a table?
  • How do you make a word bold?


Suggested readings

(Click here for a brief overview of each suggestion.)


McCarty,Steve. (2005). Spoken Internet To Go: Popularization through Podcasting. The JALT CALL Journal, 1 (2), 67-74, (August, 2005).


Stanley, G.(2005). Blogging for ELT. Teaching English, 7 Mar. 2005.


Stanley, G. (2005). Podcasting for ELT. Teaching English, 17 Nov. 2005.


Warlick, D. (2006). A Day in the Life of Web 2.0. Teachlearning, Oct 15, 2006.




Stevens, V. (2004). Establishing and Maintaining Web Presence: A guide for educators. TESL-EJ, Dec. 2004.



Wiki Starting Points. (2005). http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?StartingPoints




Please contact the group list if you have any problems.




1. While creating blogs, wikis, podcasts and Web pages, you are encouraged to:

  • share experiences and reflections at all times, and
  • think about and discuss the potential of these tools for the EFL/ESL teaching and learning process (how can they be used? for what purpose? at what level?) and send your comments to the group mail list.


2. Post your reflections about the weekly readings to our BaW-07 Forum .


3. We have created a BaW-07 Del.icio.us site for our group. Share your links here.



Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baw07


Dafne, Teresa and the BaW-07 team

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