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Week 4 ( Feb 05 - 11 )


Virtual classrooms and voice/video mails





Moderator: Moira Hunter



Chrissan Ljunggren

Mabel Quiroga







In this week, we will be exploring virtual classrooms and voice/video mail tools.







Real-time web conferencing solutions vary greatly in the features they provide as we will observe using Alado, DiscoverE and Elluminate. We will also investigate free open source web conferencing tools such as DimDim. Voice mails have existed for many years but have only recently been used in education. During the week, we will reflect upon the the potential and applications of these tools to language learning.


Hold onto your 'virtual hats' as we really begin to fly in this fourth week!!!








A webcam is optional but a headset with mic is compulsory!











Virtual Classrooms








1. In order to be ready for our international guest speakers this week, please read through the instructions for the virtual classroom downloads where necessary and do not leave this until the last minute. Complete system checks and audio checks as required in the instructions. This will save time and last-minute frustration.


  • Alado Go here : http://www.alado.net/webheads At the top left, click on Login . On the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and type in your name. You do NOT need a password. Now click on Enter and you are in the Alado virtual classroom!


  • DiscoverE Go here : http://www.compued.com.au/discovere/webheads 1. Allow voice chat software to automatically download . . . . Run the application . .DO NOT SAVE 2. Click on install . . allow automatic installation 3. When login screen appears, enter a screen name (preferably your first name) . . leave password blank 4. Have your speakers and mic connected.



2. International Guest Speakers You will be able to participate in interactive talks and presentations using real-time webconferencing solutions at the following times. Please be sure to check here for your local time. All times given are GMT and all efforts have been made to accommodate people in different time zones where possible. Please log in fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Please assure that you already have the Yahoo and Skype IDs of your moderator (Moira) and co-moderators (Chrissan and Mabel) on your contact lists. This is very important in case you 'get lost' in cyberspace!





Guest SpeakerTitleTimeDateWhere
1Jonathan Finkelstein"Learning in Real Time"15.00 GMT05.02.07Elluminate
2Geoff Kaye"Dividing The Bridge: the jungle experience"20.00 GMT06.02.07DiscoverE
3Jane Bozarth"E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring"15.00 GMT08.02.07Elluminate
4Geoff Kaye"Dividing The Bridge: the jungle experience"01.00 GMT10.02.07DiscoverE
5Andrew Pincon"Alado and the Webheads"16.00 GMT10.02.07Alado



3. Post your comments and reflections on these real-time virtual sessions and, bearing in mind the Questions of the Week below, the potential and applications of these tools to language learning in our BaW-07 blog.


Voice and Video Mail










4.Participants will experiment throughout the week with Springdoo, Evoca, MyChingo, Gabmailand Handybits. These tools enable you to send e-mail sound messages, video e-mails, and they can be embedded in wikis, blogs and websites where visitors can listen and post replies. Send a voice message and/or a video mail to our BaW-07 blog and send replies to peer voice/video messages.


5.Post your comments and reflections on these voice and video message tools and, bearing in mind the Questions of the Week below, the potential and applications of these tools to language learning in our BaW-07 blog.










Questions of the Week




a. What differences are there between the Alado, DiscoverE, Elluminate and other virtual environments?

b. Which one would you choose for your classes, if any, and why?

c. What differences are there between Springdoo, Evoca, MyChingo, Gabmail, Handybits and other voice/video mail tools?

d. Which one would you choose for your classes, if any, and why?















Suggested readings


Allison, D., Crichton, S. & Labonte, R. (2003). Moderating Tips for Synchronous Learning Using Virtual Classroom Technologies


Felix, U.(2004).Performing beyond the comfort zone: Giving a voice to online communication


Foreman, J. & Jenkins, R. (2005). Full-featured Web conferencing systems


Shi, S. and Morrow, B. V. (2006). E-Conferencing for Instruction: What Works?


(2006). 7 things you should know about ... Virtual Meetings


Optional Readings


(2005) Beyond Text: using your voice online


Hampel, R. & Hauck, M. (2004). Towards an Effective Use of Audio Conferencing in Distance Language Courses






Post your reflections about the weekly readings to our forum.








Throughout the week, you are encouraged to:


  • share experiences and reflections at all times, and


  • scream for help as Week 5 approaches and fatigue sets in!!!!!




Weekly Threads


Live Event Recordings

Learning in Real Time

Dividing the Bridge : the jungle experience

Elearning on a shoestring

Alado and the Webheads






We have created a BaW-07 Del.icio.us site for our group. Share your links here.





Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baw07

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