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Week 5 ( Feb 12-18 )


Developing class materials: online surveys and worksheets, and interactive exercise creators.





Hala Fawzi

Cristina Costa


Ramona Dietrich

Fernanda Rodrigues

Elisabeth Fernandes


Guest Speaker:

Isabel Pérez Torres



Dear Participants,

Welcome to week 5!

We are glad you have managed to survive until this week!! Thus, to celebrate our survival, this week we will have a practical hands-on practice of creating online learning materials for students of different levels.



Our activities will be built around one theme: exploration of software for creating exercises based on suggested sites, together with the creation of three online exercises (one optional, two required)

  1. Start by exploring the software and try to decide which one you will be using for creating your own online exercises. You can let the group know what you think about these tools by posting in our yahoo group.
  2. Create one exercise for any of these skills :reading, writing, listening, speaking, or vocabulary, each one with a different application (Required)
  3. Explore the software for creating online surveys and worksheets.
  4. Create an online sheet for your students (Required)
  5. Create an online survey. (Optional)
  6. Join the presentation of Isabel Pérez Torres on Thursday, 15th February, 19:00 GMT, at Alado


Tools to Explore

Interactive exercise creators


Registration NeededNo Registration Needed
Discovery ChannelHot Potatoes
Script-O!Interactive Exercise Makers


  • Quia (free 30-day trial period)


Online surveysOnline worksheets
Survey monkeyWorksheet Wizard

(Registration Needed)




Suggested Reading

(Click here for a brief overview of each suggestion)

Pérez Torres, M.I. (2003). Creating Materials Online with Free Teacher Tools TESOL Spain: Newsletter, 2003.

Morrison,Sally. (2002).Interactive Language Learning on the Web ERIC Digest,2002

Post your reflections about this reading to our forum



Live Event Recordings

Online Class Materials



Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baw07



Dafne, Teresa and the BaW-07 Team!

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